SCC Student Builds Success in Nation’s Capital

Sampson Community College’s motto for success is Begin Here, Go Anywhere. In TJ Holloway’s case, that anywhere is in our nation’s capital constructing new buildings designed to help, of all things, new students.

After graduating from SCC with a degree in Building Construction Technology, Holloway transferred to East Carolina University and received Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. He was then hired by a major construction management company located near Washington, DC. HESS Construction hired Holloway as an Assistant Project Manager.

“I was recommended to attend SCC by a relative that had previously attended the college,” says Holloway. “This person knew my interest and knew the direction I wanted to take my education. After doing some of my own research on the programs and courses the college offers, I saw that there was a program specifically designed to suit the route I wanted to take to further my education. At that point, making the decision to attend SCC was a no brainer.”


Holloway (L) offers instructions for some of his workers at a job site.

Founded in 1978, HESS has been a leader in the commercial construction business in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Region. The HESS family has been in the construction industry for over a century. Fred G. Hess and Sons was founded in 1914. Over the years, the HESS name became synonymous with quality craftsmanship and customer service. Holloway’s office is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland but he primarily builds educational facilities in the DC-Metro area.

“I would definitely recommend starting off your career path at SCC,“ Holloway adds. “SCC has a ton of opportunities specifically tailored to jump start anyone in the right direction to further their education. My future plan is continuing the course. Every day I learn something new which affects the decisions I will make. With the help of SCC, I have been able to embed myself in a position that fits me extremely well. Maybe one day I will decide to start my own company.”

Forging a path from SCC to ECU and beyond has become even easier as the two institutions signed a transfer agreement called the Pirate Promise. Students can now apply to SCC and ECU simultaneously and commit to maintaining full-time status. Upon completing an associate degree, they are guaranteed admission into degree-completion programs at East Carolina. Students attending Sampson Community College can now be Vikings and Pirates at the same time.

SCC’s Building Construction Technology prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills to the fields of architecture, construction, construction management, and other associated professions. Course work includes instruction in sustainable building and design, print reading, building codes, estimating, construction materials and methods, and other topics related to design and construction occupations. For more info contact Barney Grady at 910.900.4118 or at