Mothers & Nursing Students Reach Graduation

Jessica Thornton and Amber Sugg are Practical Nursing students here at Sampson Community College. Thornton and Sugg share another title too, that of mom. Thornton is a mother of four children and Sugg is a mother of three children. When deciding to go back to school, these students each decided the Practical Nursing program at SCC would allow them to balance responsibilities as mothers and students. 

Cosmetology Student Determined to Reach Graduation

Since she was seven years old, Zatasia Crumpler knew that when she was older, she wanted to be a Cosmetologist. At seven, she may have not known what Cosmetology was, but she knew she wanted to “do hair.” After she graduated from Union High School in 2014, she decided to attend Sampson Community College to begin her studies in Cosmetology. Since first beginning her Cosmetology journey, Crumpler has grown both in her work and as a person.

Newly Renovated Bookstore Here at SCC

In October of last year, the remodeling of the Bookstore began here at Sampson Community College. The purpose of the remodel was to accommodate the new social distancing procedures that have been put into place. There were many of SCC’s own that helped throughout the entire process of renovating the Bookstore. The remodel was finished in December of 2020 and now the Bookstore is operating once again.

Viking Spotlight: Darien Knapp Former Graduate Turned Cisco Employee

Darien Knapp has always had a passion for playing video games since he was a young child. He has always had the interest in exploring activities that were not well-known to him. Knapp graduated from high school in 2017. Upon graduation from high school, Knapp went on to attend Sampson Community College. While at SCC, Knapp was a part of the Information Technology program and now works as a Customer Success Specialist for Cisco.

Student Shares Benefits of the Sampson Promise

It is yet that time again when students are starting to apply to scholarships, and the due date for the Sampson Community College Foundation Scholarships is just around the corner. SCC student Allison Brown was in this same position two years ago. Brown graduated from Hobbton High School in 2019 and decided to attend Sampson Community College (SCC) to start working on her Associate in Arts degree. She knew that as the youngest of six children, she needed to do her best to find help with affording college. This where the Sampson Promise came in.

Viking Spotlight: Naomi Sandoval

Naomi Sandoval decided to join the Career and College Promise (CCP) program at Sampson Community College (SCC) as a Career Coach because of her passion to help students further their education. Sandoval has been in this position since December of last year and is currently the full-time Career Coach for Union High School. Sandoval wants the high school students that she works with each day to see potential in themselves and post-high school plans.

Viking Spotlight: Butler Makes Move at SCC

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Katie Butler graduated from Clinton High School in 2012. She then went on to graduate from East Carolina University with a degree in Rehabilitation Services in 2016. Now, Butler is one of four Career Coaches recently hired with the Career and College Promise (CCP) program at Sampson Community College (SCC) and is stationed at Midway High School. Butler has already proved to be a key asset to one of the biggest high schools involved with the CCP program.

Viking Spotlight: Garcia Hopes to Grow CCP Program

Jose Garcia was one of four Career Coaches recently hired for the Career and College Promise (CCP) program at Sampson Community College (SCC). Garcia is a first-generation high school and college student. Outside of work, Garcia is married and has four kids that range from the age of fourteen to twenty-two. Garcia is currently splitting his time as a Career Coach for the CCP program between Lakewood High School and Hobbton High School. Garcia has only been at SCC for a brief period but appears to have already made his mark.

Viking Spotlight: Emily Brown

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Last November, the Career and College Promise (CCP) program at Sampson Community College (SCC) hired four new Career Coaches. The CCP program allows high school students in Sampson County to get a head-start in their future after high school by taking classes at SCC. Emily Brown of Clinton was one of the first to be hired in this new position. Brown graduated from Clinton High School (CHS) in 2016 and from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2019. She graduated from college with a degree in Psychology and Leadership Studies. Brown is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree in Student Affairs from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. While in high school, Brown participated in the CCP program. She has now come full circle from being an advisee to an advisor.

SCC Faculty Member Receives Quality Matters Certification for Course Design Quality

CLINTON, N.C. — Benita Hayes, Department Chair, Office Administration & Medical Office Administration earned the Quality Matters (QM) Certification Mark for OST159 – Records Management, following a rigorous review process. The QM Certification Mark is the internationally recognized symbol of online and blended course design quality and represents Hayes’ ongoing commitment to creating learning environments that provide learners with a clear pathway to success.

Viking Spotlight: Elizabeth Brewer

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Elizabeth Brewer came from a family of educators with both of her parents being teachers in the Sampson County Schools system. During high school Elizabeth attended Midway High School while also attending Sampson Community College (SCC). As a senior and junior in high school, she took part in the Career and College Promise program at SCC. Because of this program, Elizabeth was able to obtain an Associate of Arts degree when she graduated from high school. Now, like her parents, Elizabeth is on track to becoming an educator.

SCC Graduate Makes Journey from Nicaragua to UNC Medical School

Written by Olivia Gillespie – Foundation Intern, Fall 2020 (CLINTON, N.C.) – In 2010, Marvin Albert Meza Jarquín, his parents, and his four siblings immigrated from Nicaragua to North Carolina. In Nicaragua, Marvin’s family consisted of coffee and cattle farmers. He had grown up in Nicaragua until he was sixteen years old. When his family…