SCC Foundation Continues to Make College Stronger

It’s no secret that the Sampson Community College Foundation works hard to support the hopes and dreams that SCC’s students share but support does not end there. Each year, the Sampson Community College’s Foundation also awards grants to its faculty and staff at the college to help them achieve their own education goals. This type of support is twofold, as it benefits students again because educating the educators also helps the students.

“It is always a privilege for the Foundation to support staff and programming which improves our students learning experience at SCC,” says Pat Green, Chair of Appropriations for the Foundation. “Our instructors and staff are always seeking ways to improve programming  which benefits our students and we will be there to aid them.  Our Mini Grant program often helps them obtain continued education as well as arrange for special student events that cannot be included in regular State funding.”

This semester’s recipients include SCC nursing instructors Alisha Carwise, Regina Parker and Krystle Edge for assistance in continuing education as required for accreditation. Division Chair of Education and QEP Director, Susan Baxter also received a grant for education students to attend the 16th Annual State of the Child Conference. Small Business Center Director, Amanda Bradshaw received a grant for scheduling software training for the Small Business Center as well as Business Instructor Lauren Cochran, who received tuition assistance for graduate courses needed to expand instructional credentials.

Being a first year instructor in Sampson Community College’s Business Department, this mini grant will help Cochran gain the credentials needed to expand the scope of what she teaches to include Micro-economics and Macro-economics.  Cochran says “I am excited about this new challenge and hope to help expand business course offerings at the College to get more students involved in such a critical program area.”

Paul Viser, President of the Foundation says he is pleased with the latest mini-grants.  “Because of our loyal donor base, this component of our mission has grown over the years.  We are able to meet important financial needs for programming and projects not otherwise funded,” says Viser. “Furthermore, we can respond nimbly without lengthy or cumbersome applications.  There are numerous initiatives currently underway, and we urge others to bring your needs and ideas to us.  Thanks to all who augment the SCC curriculum with your mini-grant activities.”

The purpose of the SCC Mini-Grant program is to provide funds to faculty, staff and student organizations that will enhance the educational mission of Sampson Community College. Top priority for the mini-grant awards is given to applications that support professional development and other academic pursuits.

“I add my congratulations to the recipients of the Spring 2017 SCC Foundation Mini-Grants,” says Dr. Paul Hutchins, President at SCC. “The mini-grants will enable these Sampson Community College faculty and staff members to expand and enhance what they do on a daily basis to enrich the lives of our students. I am grateful for the SCC Foundation’s Mini-Grant Program and the impact it has on student success at the College.”

The SCC Foundation continues to make our community stronger by making its population stronger.