50th Spotlight: Nicole Wilson

“My connection with Sampson Community College has lasted longer than I could have imagined” chuckles Nicole Wilson, SCC graduate. “I started at SCC in 1995 when I took a CNA course through Continuing Education. Later, I continued my educational journey to receive an Associates in Early Childhood Education in 2006. Now, in my current positon with the Partnership for Children of Sampson County I maintain a working relationship with SCC as we hold trainings on campus and Early Childhood students intern in our classrooms. We are very much connected and SCC is truly a part of my life.”

Wilson first began her journey at SCC taking night courses, as she worked full time during the day. The instructors support was instrumental as they encouraged her to continue her education. “It is because of their encouragement and support that I have had the educational and career success that I have had” states Wilson.

The SCC legacy continues within her family as her daughter attends the Early College. As a Senior and also a part of the EMS program, “I see her getting the support and encouragement I did. I can also see how it has helped her succeed in accomplishing her early goals. We are so fortunate as a community to have a strong Community College with great programs.”

Wilson continues, “As I share my story of how SCC has impacted my life, I would continue by saying, Dear Student…. Education is a gift you can give yourself…never stop learning”.
Congratulations Nicole on being the third 50th Anniversary highlight and thank you for sharing your story. For more information about Sampson Community College, visit http://www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081, Sampson Community College, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere”.