Crocheting Blankets for a Good Cause

January 8, 2020. Written by Ruth Brock.

Mary Bordeaux, with the Housekeeping Department, has been crocheting her entire life. Three years ago, she decided to start working with Sampson Community College to distribute crocheted blankets to those in need. She makes the blankets to bring comfort, love, and protection to someone that may not have those characteristics in their life.

Mary has made nearly 200 blankets, including 36 for Falcon Children’s Home in 2019. Her process typically takes two to three days to make one blanket, which is extremely fast. When asked what got her started, Myra Gray quickly interrupts to say that Mary simply “has a good heart.”

PHOTO/CREDIT : Mary Bordeaux shows off her crocheted blankets. (Michael Blankenship)

Mary does not pick who gets a blanket. She usually contacts different organizations and they do the work for her. For example, Mary has donated to Mary Gran Nursing Center in years past. The staff at the facility researched to find the patients that did not have much family. Mary gives blankets to whoever needs them because they provide something that the individual can call their own.

Mary buys the materials herself and often get yarn from thrift stores, but if you would like to donate to support her efforts, contact her at or call (910) 900-4132.

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