Viking Spotlight: Lisa Recchuiti From the Coast to Clinton

CLINTON, N.C – Lisa Recchuiti has lived in and seen many places around the world, including Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Tokyo, and now North Carolina. After growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, she attended Millersville University where she studied Elementary Education and minored in Psychology. Recchuiti then went back to graduate school and received a Master’s in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College. Psychology interested Recchuiti because it helped her better understand both herself and people in general. After staying home with her two children for ten years and then teaching at Cape Fear Community College for nine years Recchuiti wanted to get away from the coast, so she and her husband of twenty-nine years moved to Sampson County. Now she is a full-time Psychology Instructor at Sampson Community College (SCC).

50th Spotlight: Paul Wolf

“Dear Student,” reflects Paul Wolf, a College Transfer Faculty Member and this week’s Sampson Community College 50th Anniversary spotlight, “even though knowledge and technology are likely to continue to increase astronomically during SCC’s second fifty years, some timeless truths will remain the same because human nature is a constant.” With over thirty-six and a half…