Viking Spotlight: Elizabeth Brewer

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Elizabeth Brewer came from a family of educators with both of her parents being teachers in the Sampson County Schools system. During high school Elizabeth attended Midway High School while also attending Sampson Community College (SCC). As a senior and junior in high school, she took part in the Career and College Promise program at SCC. Because of this program, Elizabeth was able to obtain an Associate of Arts degree when she graduated from high school. Now, like her parents, Elizabeth is on track to becoming an educator.

Fall Graduate Spotlight: Sabrina Newkirk

When she graduated from Union High School in 2019, Sabrina Newkirk was not quite sure about her next steps. She had not committed to a nearby college or university and no decisions were made about her future career plans. However, she had success with Sampson Community College courses during high school, so she enrolled at…

SCC Graduate Makes Journey from Nicaragua to UNC Medical School

Written by Olivia Gillespie – Foundation Intern, Fall 2020 (CLINTON, N.C.) – In 2010, Marvin Albert Meza Jarquín, his parents, and his four siblings immigrated from Nicaragua to North Carolina. In Nicaragua, Marvin’s family consisted of coffee and cattle farmers. He had grown up in Nicaragua until he was sixteen years old. When his family…

Viking Spotlight: Ryan Rutherford

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Ryan Rutherford has been at Sampson Community College (SCC) for a year and a half now. In his newest role, Rutherford acts as the Director of Facilities. Before moving to Sampson County, Rutherford lived in both Washington state and Montana. As the Director of Facilities, Rutherford is the key asset to ensuring that everything is running and working smoothly around campus here at SCC.

Viking Spotlight: Cole Baxley Businessman Right Out of High School

(CLINTON, N.C.) – In 2018, Cole Baxley graduated from Midway High School (MHS), and received an Associate of Arts degree from Sampson Community College (SCC). Upon graduation from both MHS and SCC, Cole went on to attend Campbell University. While at Campbell University he received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Cole was able to obtain his bachelor’s degree in only two years due to already having an associate degree right out of high school with the help of the Career and College Promise program. Since Cole began his college education early, he has been able to begin his career at a faster pace.  

Viking Spotlight: Marvin Rondon New Dean of Student Services

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Dr. Marvin Rondon has been a full-time employee here at Sampson Community College since 2002. At that time, Rondon began to work in Bilingual Services and was the translator for SCC. Before then, he worked part-time at SCC, teaching Computer Science and Spanish courses. Rondon grew up in Puerto Rico and lived there until the age of thirty-two when he moved to Sampson County in 1999. Before his move, Rondon received an Associate’s in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico.

Viking Spotlight: Ria Westphal

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Ria Westphal grew up in the country of Germany until the age of twenty-one before moving to the United States. Westphal received a Bachelor’s in Graphics from Fayetteville State University and a Master’s in Humanities from California State University. Before coming to Sampson Community College (SCC), Westphal worked as an adjunct for Fayetteville Technical Community College for ten years. While attending college, Westphal stayed home with her daughter, who is now twenty-eight years old. Westphal’s main areas of expertise are Art, Humanities, and Physical Education. Now at SCC, Westphal works as an Art and Humanities instructor. Her journey has taken her from Germany to the small area of Sampson County.

Viking Spotlight: Sandra Jackson Pursues New Teaching Pathway

(CLINTON, N.C.) – The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science in Teacher Preparation is a new program here at Sampson Community College, which began this Fall. This program is fit for students interested in teaching elementary education. Sandra Jackson is one of the first students to participate in this program at SCC. Jackson is a stay-at-home mother and a former student of SCC. Jackson received an Associate degree in Animal Science from SCC and has decided to go back to school to pursue a career in elementary education. Her passion for teaching young children led her to start in the Teacher Preparation Pathway.

Viking Spotlight: Stephanie Gore Helps the Student She Used to Be

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Stephanie Gore began her new position as the Transfer & Student Success Coach in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gore has been in her new position since April of this year. In 2014, Gore graduated from Clinton High School and then went on to attend East Carolina University, where she received a degree in Administrative Services.

Viking Spotlight: Jackson West The Desire to Help Others

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Jackson West graduated from Clinton High School in 2019. While in high school, Jackson participated in the Career and College Promise program at Sampson Community College (SCC). Upon graduation, Jackson decided to attend SCC in hopes of pursuing a career in social work. Jackson is now working towards earning his Associate Degree in General Education and an Associate Degree in Human Services Technology. With the help of SCC, Jackson will be able to transfer to achieve his goal. Jackson’s desire to help others is the driving force behind his dedication to his studies.

Viking Spotlight: Frankie Sutter

(CLINTON, N.C.) – Frankie Sutter has been at Sampson Community College (SCC) for seventeen years. When she first joined SCC, she began as the liaison between the President of the college and the Board of Trustees. After two years in that position, she became the Director of Personnel, while continuing her liaison duty for the Board of Trustees. As the Director of Personnel, Sutter oversees human resources through recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, and retention. These are only a few of her main duties. In 2003, Sutter joined the SCC family and hopes to continue with SCC until her retirement.

Viking Spotlight: Dawson McLamb Began Here Went Anywhere

(CLINTON, N.C) – Dawson McLamb graduated from Midway High School in 2018 with both his high school diploma and an Associate in General Education degree from Sampson Community College (SCC). He was able to earn his Associate degree through the Career and College Promise (CCP) program at SCC. After graduating from both Midway High School and SCC, Dawson went on to attended Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC). While there, he received a two-year degree in Fire Protection Technology. Dawson now has a Bachelor’s degree in Fire and Emergency Services Administration from Fayetteville State University (FSU).