Viking Spotlight: Brothers Logan & Reese O’Quinn to Graduate SCC Together

[Clinton, N.C.] – Logan and Reese O’Quinn are brothers currently enrolled in the Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) programs at Sampson Community College (SCC). Describing each other as their “best friend,” the siblings have completed their education side-by-side over the past two years; and now, plan to graduate in May 2023— each yielding 4.0 GPAs and Reese receiving the Academic Excellence Award.

Growing up, the O’Quinn siblings were homeschooled by their parents. In Fall 2021, they decided to enroll at SCC in search of both their A.A. and A.S. degrees, Reese as a Career & College Promise (CCP) student and Logan as a recent high school graduate. They explained that both their family and community led them to the College to pursue their degrees, with Reese specifically mentioning the benefits of the CCP program as his personal incentive.

He elaborated, “The flexibility of being able to take college classes while still in high school as well as the environment is one of the reasons I was led to SCC. I personally thought that moving straight from living in Clinton my whole life to moving off to a four-year school was going to be a large jump, so I thought that SCC would provide a good transition. Obviously, for someone like me who wants to transfer to a four-year school the financial benefits are enormous also.”

After graduation in the Spring, both siblings plan to transfer to a four-year university to continue their education. Logan, who also goes by Mac, plans to study towards his Bachelor’s in Economics with hopes of eventually attending law school in N.C. His dream is to return to Sampson County and practice law in the area he was born in.

Similarly, Reese plans to obtain his Bachelor’s in either Economics or Accounting with plans of becoming a certified financial planner and advisor. He’s also pondered owning a company and starting a real estate/rental property firm down the road. Like his brother, he also hopes to return to Clinton after graduation.

Eldest of the two brothers: 20-year old Logan, also known as Mac, O’Quinn is currently enrolled in SCC’s Associate of Arts & Associate of Science programs, on track to graduate with high honors (Photo credit, Brett Feight)

In addition to their coursework, both O’Quinn siblings are highly involved in their local community. Logan works afternoons as an inventory control specialist with Downstream Logistics distribution center as well as peer tutors at SCC. To him, helping students on campus through peer tutoring has been, “… one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had in these past few years.”

Reese, on the other hand, works afternoons at Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company—a job he’s held since he was 16. While it’s been challenging at points to handle both high school and college classes, in addition to a part-time job, Reese expressed he absolutely adores his work. In his eyes, it’s helped him grow both personally and professionally, and allowed him to first handedly apply the skills he’s learned at SCC.

“I have known the owner of Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company since the time I was very young and grew to greatly respect him. As I got older, we talked a lot, and he was a mentor to me. One day he said that he needed some extra help and offered me a position working for him in the afternoons and on Saturday. Many of the skills and things that I have learned about at SCC I have been able to practice and use at work, such as knowledge from Accounting, Public Speaking, Business, and Economics.”

During their time at the College, the brothers mentioned that several employees have influenced them and greatly impacted their lives. Reese described how Emily Brown, Director of Institutional & Student Success, assisted him a tremendous amount during his CCP journey. Reese also noted that instructors Joy Rogers and Cal Mason were both outstanding during his Public Speaking and Accounting classes, respectively. Likewise, Logan, along with Reese as well, specifically expressed his thanks to Jennifer Eavenson, Division Chair of Arts & Sciences, as both an incredible mathematics instructor and helpful advisor over the years.

“There have been a number of people at SCC that have helped and impacted my life greatly,” Reese encapsulated. “I have been truly amazed by all the staff at SCC.”

Youngest of the two brothers: 19-year old Reese O’Quinn is currently enrolled in SCC’s CCP program, on track to graduate with high honors and the 2023 Academic Excellence Award. (Photo credit, Brett Feight)

In their thanks, the siblings also took time to express their gratitude to their mother– the one who’s been, in their eyes, the most influential concerning their education over the years. They explained how she’s been there every step of the way during their homeschool journey and continues to be a guide and mentor to all her children. According to Logan and Reese, it was her who they truly learned everything from, and who they truly owe everything to.

Logan thanked, “The person most special to me is my mother. Being homeschooled, she has been there motivating and teaching me as far back as my memory goes. I owe almost everything to her. She has always pushed me to be the best possible version of myself and supported my decisions and helped me in any way possible. I know that above all I would not be where I am today without her.”

His brother continued, “My mother has been a teacher to me in many ways. While I was homeschooled, she taught me my educational lessons. However, to this day she continues to teach me lessons that are far more valuable. It was from my mother that I learned to have resolve in difficult situations and to pursue my goals even if the road appears challenging. I continue to remember these lessons.”

As a whole, both brothers voiced that they would highly recommend SCC to other prospective students looking to pursue any type of higher education. They remarked that the College offers so many opportunities with qualified instructors and truly prepares students for transfer or obtaining a job within the workforce. The O’Quinns mentioned that they’ve grown in many ways as both students and people over the last two years, and that they’re absolutely thrilled to be able to graduate from SCC together come Spring.

“Being so close in age to my brother, Logan (Mac), we have always been very tight and have always done everything together,” Reese closed. “Although I love all of my brothers, Mac and I have always shared a special bond. I have really enjoyed being in school at the same time as my brother. Obviously, because of brotherly rivalry he has pushed me to succeed as well. I liked having someone to study with and we have been able to help and support each other while pushing the other to succeed.”

Logan finished, “I have enjoyed every second of my time taking classes with my brother. My family is extremely important to me, and Reese is my best friend. Further, having my brother by my side motivates me to be a better student and I hope I do the same for him. At the end of this step of my journey when I cross the stage, I am excited to do so with Reese. Few people have the chance to graduate with their sibling. I know that the ceremony this May is going to be a moment I always remember.”

Sampson CC is incredibly proud of Logan and Reese and all the hard work they’ve put in over the past two years. The College loves seeing the impact it can have on families and their education. SCC is excited to see both O’Quinn brothers graduate in May 2023 and looks forward to seeing all they will do in their next chapter of life.

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