SCC Board of Trustees Elects New Leadership

Last week, the Sampson Community College Board of Trustees met to elect a new chair and vice-chair for the 2020-2021 year. Dr. Ted Thomas and Ms. Larinda Haight were elected as the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees, respectively. Elected by their peer board members, both say they are excited to begin working in their leadership positions.

During his time on the Board of Trustees, Dr. Ted Thomas also served as the Board Liaison to the Sampson Community College Foundation Board—where he discussed the needs and concerns of the College with both boards. He saw the need of acting as a conduit between the two boards and being an advocate on both sides. Now, as Chair, Thomas plans to keep the progress going from this past year.

“The Board has been moving progressively in a positive direction to make Sampson Community College a school that serves the needs of all in the area and to be the best it can be. My expectation as Chair is to keep the momentum going and to support the administration with ideas to keep moving forward,” Thomas commented.

New SCC Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Ted Thomas. (File Photo)

Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, says both Haight and Thomas will make excellent leaders for the board.

“We are happy to welcome Dr. Thomas and Ms. Haight to their new leadership roles on the College’s Board of Trustees. Both trustees have experience in many of the important functions of the board, including policy development, budgeting, program development, and student services,” Starling remarked.

“I know that being Vice-Chair will give me the opportunity to be more involved, and it is such an exciting time for Sampson Community College. There are lots of plans on the horizon to move SCC forward with more programs to meet the needs of our community,” shared Larinda Haight, newly elected Vice-Chair.

As a School Counselor at Midway High School, Haight says her unique positioning allows her to see students’ needs from both sides—particularly as the College’s high school enrollment numbers increase through the Career and College Promise program.

New Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Ms. Larinda Haight. (File Photo)

Thomas and Haight were nominated and elected by fellow board members. Thomas commended the 2019-2020 Board for the positive change and plans made to advance the College and Sampson County. Haight praised the unique knowledge and skills that each board member brings to the team. President Starling says the new leadership will continue the work that the former began. 

“Dr. Thomas and Ms. Haight follow the leadership of Chair, Ms. Erika Starling and Vice-Chair, Ms. Sandra Carroll, who have been strong advocates for SCC. We believe our new leadership allows us to continue SCC’s progress,” Starling concluded.

As they look forward to the 2020-2021 year, Thomas and Haight do so with the College’s motto, ‘Begin Here, Go Anywhere” in mind.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.