Viking Spotlight: Toledo Kemmer

By Ruthie Brock

Toledo Kemmer graduated from West Carteret High School in Morehead City, NC in 1979. After graduating high school, Toledo immediately entered the workforce and started a family, which made it hard for her to continue her education at the time. Her family relocated to the Sampson County area where she began working with the Continuing Education Department at SCC full time. While working, she decided to become a part time student in the spring of 2008.

Toledo began working toward a degree in business administration. After working full-time and being a student, she completed her degree in 2016 with a 4.0. She is now the Career Specialist at Sampson Community College, where she is a resource to students that need help with resumes, interviews, and job placement.


Kemmer oversees SCC’s Career Fairs.

Upon her hiring as Career Specialist, Toledo knew that she wanted to host the Career Fair at SCC. She reached out to local businesses and industries to be a part of the fair. With advertisements, other companies discovered information about the career fair, and it has grown tremendously. Toledo encourages students to network with businesses at the career fair to ease the transition from student to worker.

Lisa Turlington praises Toledo when she says, “Toledo received the Academic Excellence Award and was able to represent Sampson Community College in Raleigh.” Earning a degree while working full-time allowed her to make a connection with many students at SCC.