Sampson The Viking Tours Campus

Sampson Community College had a special visitor on campus this week. Sampson the Viking, the college’s new mascot toured SCC and visited with students, faculty and staff and even got some hands-on training in the Nursing and Cosmetology departments.

Sampson, who will make his public debut in the community during the Annual Christmas in Clinton Parade on Saturday, December 14th at 10am. The event, hosted by the Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce each year, will feature Sampson on Sampson Community College’s float during the parade.


Sampson meets students in person this week.

The community is very aware of SCC but many may not know that for decades, the official mascot and nickname has been The Vikings. The college’s website features The Viking Voice, which provides stories and press releases about SCC to the public. The Viking moniker and mascot was more popular on campus when SCC was part of intercollegiate basketball tournaments years ago and of course, was more widely known and more popular than in recent times.


Sampson made time for his braiding appointment with SCC’s Cosmetology Department.

A new era of “The Viking” has ushered in new philosophies in marketing at the college and a subtle resurgence in the popularity of the “Viking way” in terms of exploration in education. Also, there have been new soccer fields created on campus and intramural athletics is becoming a part of the culture at SCC again.

During the late 8th to 11th century, Vikings conquered several territories throughout Europe. In popular culture, they are known for their helmets and big ships. In many societies, Vikings have been symbols of strength, invincibility, and exploration. This is the reason why many organizations, groups, and sports teams have adopted the Vikings and their culture as their identity.


Sampson practices lifesaving techniques with the Nursing Department between visits.

Because of pop culture, many believe that Vikings did nothing except fight and pillage and while Vikings did pillage somewhat, plundering was only one among many other goals of their overseas expeditions. Vikings peacefully colonized Iceland, Greenland and many smaller islands. As explorers, they crossed the Atlantic and reached America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. As international merchants of their time, they also peacefully traded with almost every country of the then known world. “Sampson’s visit to campus kind of put a face with the name for many of us here,” said Dan Grubb, Public Information Officer for the college. “He was received very warmly here on campus during the visit and we are excited that he is going to be synonymous with our great college for a very long time.”

Grubb says he is hoping that students, much like real Vikings, will take on challenges and explore options at the college with the goal being to graduate and find a career that will enhance their options as they go forward. To read The Viking Voice, go to and to find more information about the parade where Sampson will meet the public, go to