Recchuiti Brings Education Experience to SCC

Sampson Community College has welcomed lots of new faces to campus over the last several months. With this, comes a new Psychology instructor who has almost a decade of experience in the community college system in North Carolina.

Lisa Recchuiti, whose long history in education began after she earned her degree in Elementary Education and teaching younger students, now enjoys teaching in an environment that allows her to teach college students.

I like Sampson Community College because it is a smaller college with a family atmosphere,” she says.  “Staff and faculty here know each other and work together well. It’s kind of a community within a community. When I first began teaching, I was teaching little people, now I teach bigger people,” she says with a laugh.


Recchuiti hopes to teach invaluable skills to SCC students.

According to the American Psychological Association, Psychology is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior. Recchuiti says she enjoys teaching this subject specifically because it is one that can be carried throughout life for years after being exposed to it.

“As a Psychology instructor, I get to see different students across the board. Some are transfer students who will move on to a four-year college after they are done here and others will get their two-year degrees from here. I love Psychology because it is so practical. They will have so many things in life they can apply this to, regardless of career path. I want to give them something tangible– something they can learn and can make a difference in their daily life.”

Recently, SCC’s Psychology Department has received notoriety for charity work done by the Psychology Club. The club’s intent is to spread mental health awareness, donate time and energy to those in need, and make a difference in removing the stigma of mental illnesses.  For more information about how to volunteer, contact Sarah Burgin at 910.900.4088 or at