Viking Spotlight: Carlie McPhail

Carlie McPhail graduated from Sampson Community College in 2017 and received her Associate degree in Animal Science and Business. Growing up, Carlie was homeschooled; however, she decided to start classes at SCC her junior year of high school. Carlie now works in the Advancement Department at Sampson Community College.

Upon taking classes at SCC as a CCP student, Carlie was only two semesters short of obtaining her Associate degree after her senior year. For Carlie, the community college was a no brainer. She was able to stay close to home, pay less, and get a well-rounded education in a short amount of time. She believes community college is the best option for someone that is unsure of the future.


Carlie was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the honors program at Sampson Community College. She decided to work at SCC because she loved the environment on campus. She says this regarding why she decided to work at SCC, “People are so positive, and it enticed me to get a job here.”

Carlie’s plan is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, although she is not sure where. She hopes to eventually teach animal science because it is a subject that she loves, and her family has been in the farm industry for years. We wish her luck in the future!