SCC’s Commitment Steers Campus Drive

There is, perhaps, no better indicator that the faculty and staff of Sampson Community College believes in the service that they provide the community than the annual campus drive fundraiser among employees. SCC is the only community college in the state of North Carolina that has enjoyed full participation in donations from its employees since its inception.

“The Campus Drive is the cornerstone of all Foundation fundraising and kicks off the overall annual giving for the year,” says Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the SCC Foundation. “It is quite a testament to the dedication of our staff and faculty that Sampson is the only college in the state with a 100% giving commitment for over 32 years. That really speaks volumes about how much our people believe in the work they are doing and the students they are serving.”

Faculty and staff have led the way with helping Sampson Community College students achieve their goals. Funds donated are used for tuition, books, and projects that impact the success of students that may otherwise not be able to afford college.

“Everybody understands the importance of where the money goes,” says Barney Grady, Division Chair for the college’s Construction, Industrial Agriculture and Public Services departments. “The reason we always have 100% participation is because we know where that money is going. This money goes directly to students who are trying to find a successful career path and we have a fun time while we are doing it.”


Campus Drive 2019 featured a 70’s theme. Here, staff members pose for a photo. From left to right, Turlington, Marion Pope, Dan Grubb, Amanda Raynor, Nicole Jordan, Starling, Gillespie and Carol Chambers.

Perry Gillespie, Director of Career and College Promise at the college agrees. “The Foundation is a great organization,” he says. “I give every year because I know the money is going right back to the students. In my position, I get to see up close and personal some of the challenges that students face with tuition. Knowing what I know and seeing what I see, I couldn’t imagine not helping these students out.”

“It’s just a time to both encourage and thank everyone for their continuing participation in giving to the SCC Foundation and the support of so many of our students,” add Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC. “We always have a theme to organize ourselves around.  This year it was a return to the 70s. For me, that period encompassed my high school and college years. But for many of our folks, they simply had fun reminding me that they were born a decade or so later.   But it was a good day for young and old who continued our commitment to helping meet student financial needs.”

For more information the SCC Foundation, contact Turlington at or at 910.900.4072.