SCC Instructor Seeks Chemistry With Students

Sampson Community College welcomed a lot of new faces to campus this year, hiring several new employees. One of those hired is a new Chemistry instructor working in the College Transfer department.

”My aim is to introduce our students to my love of Chemistry,” says Charisse Stephens. “I want to share with them my passion for it. I know many people think chemistry is not the most exciting thing in the world, but I really like it a lot so my goal is to bring that enthusiasm back for science and in particular, this field of study.”


Stephens brings her love of Chemistry to students at SCC

Stephens earned her Bachelor’s degree at UNCW in Chemistry and worked in a few labs before transitioning to a classroom setting where she has taught for almost a decade. She previously served as an adjunct instructor for Sampson Community College for three years and says she was excited about becoming a full-time employee because of the culture at the college. “I always noticed when I came here to teach that everyone was so welcoming,” she says. “The students and the staff seemed to really interact and really know each other, so that’s what I want to do. I want to make an impact here.”

Stephens joined SCC at the right time. The college has and continues to create changes that will make significant positive impacts on student’s lives. Among these are transfer agreements with four-year colleges, new programs to choose from, intramural sports and tuition assistance initiatives.

”I am super excited,” Stephens adds. “There is nothing like seeing a college grow. This allows students more opportunities and more avenues to find their dream jobs eventually. It’s awesome!” For more information about Sampson Community College, visit the college’s active and informative Facebook page.