New Faces at SCC

Welcome aboard. That is the message Sampson Community College was sending several new employees at the college’s annual New Employees Luncheon this week. Since the Spring semester, SCC has hired a dozen and a half new faces, reflective of the success the college has experienced through growth and new initiatives.

Each year, the college welcome the new faulty and staff members to have lunch with President Dr. Bill Starling, Dean of Advancement, Lisa Turlington and Director of Personnel, Frankie Sutter. The event is designed to provide a kick-start for those coming on board who don’t quite have the lay of the land just yet.

“We welcome our new employees at an informal lunch that allows us and them the opportunity to better understand our life stories and the paths we have taken to all be together as part of the staff and faculty,” says Starling. “I don’t know of a more diverse group with more interesting stories than these new members of the SCC family.  I am excited about the talents they bring to our classrooms and campus.  These events always remind me the College provides our local students opportunities to be taught by faculty from across the United States as well as a growing number of international faculty.”


New SCC employees gather at a luncheon hosted in their honor

New SCC employees include Foundation Assistant Whitney Williams, Nursing instructor Stephanie Knowles,Housekeeping employee Robin McLemore, Communications Coordinator Michael Blankenship, Bookstore/Auxiliary Services Assistant LaShawn Borgelin, Maintenance employee Ryan Rutherford, IT instructor Rick Tyree, Director of Library Services Michelle Milliken, CCR instructors Bonnie Fann and Nancy Gump, Truck Driver Training Instructor Kevin Randolph, Criminal Justice Instructor Amanda Jasinski, Nursing Instructor Kristina Deaver, Cashier/Finance Office Assistant Krystle Faircloth, Cashier/Finance Office Assistant Kim Stroud, Truck Driver Training Instructor Michele Grider, English Instructor Crystal White, Unlicensed Healthcare Programs Instructor Levonda West, Student Success Coach Mary Clark, CCP Assistant/Advisor Carlie McPhail, EMS Instructor Jim DeMay, Psychology Instructor Lisa Recchuiti, Chemistry Instructor Charisse Stephens, Business/Accounting Instructor Jacqueline Wray, Spanish Instructor Jennifer Williams and CCR/ESL Coordinator Waldyn Ramirez.

With enrollment numbers up again, including the college’s Career and College Promise program, new members of the SCC team will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a string of successes the college has recently enjoyed. The college also recently added a new entrance, trees, walking trails and a new state-of-the-art Welding facility. Additionally, the college has signed four transfer agreements with four-year colleges and added a few new programs this year.  The college also created Sampson Promise and the Viking Express to help students save money and time. A new Truck Driver Training facility is in the works.

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