SCC Event Teams Donors With Recipients

It is a great feeling to know someone cares. To know that they have contributed in some way to helping you achieve your goals is a gift that keeps on giving. But when one is afforded the opportunity to put a face with that name, the feeling is incredible.

That was the goal of the annual Sampson Community College Foundation Scholar-Donor Picnic held the week. Dozens of local scholarship recipients were able to meet, first-hand, those who donated money that will help these students directly with impacting their livelihood.

“This event is a great way to celebrate the generosity of our donors and the achievement of our students,” says Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the SCC Foundation. “Although community college is an educational bargain, many of our students are working and raising families and need the relief Foundation Scholarships provide. This year, the Foundation voted to increase the spending rate of endowments to better serve students in need.”

Dr. Bill Starling, President of the college, agrees. “This event allows them to see how their giving impacts the lives of young adults and, hopefully, reinforces their willingness to continue to give generously to encourage student success,” he says. “For so many of our students that don’t qualify for financial aid, Foundation gifts can make the difference in the lives of a part-time student or student with a young family trying to get through a program.”

This year’s recipients are; Rylee Brehmer (Alice Smith Harris Nursing), Faith Mclamb (Anabel Sloan Memorial), Danielle Pigford (Angels of Mercy Nursing), Zackery Fann (Billie Carroll Litton Clark), Shatesha Bennett (Boykin Family Heritage), Mayra Hernandez (C.B. Taylor Family), Bryan Garcia (Captain David Neil Faircloth Memorial), Madison Davis (Carlton and Lynelle Martin), Cecilya Davis (Carlton and Lynelle Martin), Lisa Williams (Cashwell Family), Emily Johnson (Clinton Academic),  Cristiana Flores Vanegas (Clinton Rotary), Lesly Grimaldo (Clinton Rotary), Erynn Sessoms (Clinton Rotary), Crystal Wilson (Clinton Rotary), Karely Habrego (Clinton-Sampson Rotary), Daisy Coria-Espinoza (Coleman Carter Memorial), Jerrica Tyndall (Cyrus Faircloth Memorial), Charlie Knowles (Daniel Best Memorial), Madeline Medley (Donald and Annell Starling),


Jackson West, a recipient of the James E. and Mary Z. Bryan scholarship, speaks with SCC Foundation President, Amelia Surratt. (Photo by Lynette Williams)

The Donnie Martin and Dorothy Turlington Royal Foundation Nursing scholarship was awarded to Rebeca Barillas, Andrea Bullock, Jasmyn Carlton, Rafael Garcia, Dana Gatlin, Jessica Gautier, Sarah Herring, Lakeya Howard, Cynthia Lynch, Raishe Murphy and Matthew Wilson. The James and Norma Jones Nursing scholarship was awarded to Hannah Lucas and Jacob Alphin. The James E. and Mary Z. Bryan scholarship was awarded to Leanna Elmore, Jadell Holmes, Flor Reyes, Jada Sampson, Sarah Suggs, Lauri Turcios Munoz, Lisa Williams and Jackson West.

Star Communications awarded scholarships to Natalie Aman, Kelsie Baranowski, Cameron Burley, Dylan Iverson, Abigail Moore, Yazmin Padilla, Karen Thomas and Kaitlyn Tyler. Others scholarship awardees included Erynn Sessoms (Dr. Clifton W Paderick Memorial), Kendra Fann (Dr. Mac and Ann Herring), Chasity Heath (Elizabeth Bass Horne Memorial Endowment), David Kitner (Four County Electric), Claritsa Reynoso (Four County Electric), Krystal Faircloth (GO Automotive), Jordan Parnell (Gray Felton Butler Memorial), Michael Grice (Hobbton Academic), Chandler Ray (James L. Austin Memorial), Emily Johnson (John & Lois Denny), Kimberly Rodriguez (John A. McDaniel Endowment), Colby Jackson (John and Amelia Surratt), Natalie Aman (John T. Denning Memorial) and Crystal Jackson (Juanita Dabbs).

The Smithfield Hog Production Division scholarships were awarded to Dylan Iverson, Ethan Mason, Meghan McCullen and Gabriel Simonson. SCC Ambassadors Scholarship went to Jazmine Price and Chandler Ray, while the SCC SGA Officer Scholarship went to John Cruz and the SGA President Scholarship went to Erick Garcia            .

Additionally, scholarships were awarded to Allison Brown (Kiwanis Club of Clinton), Angelica Smith (L. M. Horne Memorial), Blake Williams (Lakewood Academic), Kayla Matthews (Lakewood High School Garland Rotary), Johanna Flores          and Edward Stephens (Leo And Margaret Benson Memorial), Chasity Heath and Mary Johnson (Lucinda P. Gurley Nursing), Caroline Boyette and Gabrielle Watson (Robert E. Williams Memorial), Alexander Temple (W.S. Matthews Memorial), Courtney Barber (W.S. Matthis Memorial), Larry Favela (Lundy-Fetterman Family), Haley West (Mark Lawson AD Nursing), Mason Lockamy (Mary Lou Wallace Memorial), Courtney Barber (Mary T. Moore Memorial), Lorin Hawks (Michael Gore Memorial), Laura Person (Midway Academic) and Adell Wright (Mossette Butler).

The North Carolina Trooper Scholarship was awarded to Allison Brown, Mayko Calmo-Gomez and Brenda Rios. Scholarship awards were also awarded to Mary Key (Peterson-Rose), Kourtney Turlington (Phyllis Bedsole Scholarship), Perry Casteen (Randy Ward Memorial), Kaylyn Powell (Rufus and Pauline Williamson Memorial), Silvia Meza Acosta (Ruth Leder Womans Club of Clinton), Mason Cashwell (Ryan Faircloth Endowment), William Riley and Gabrielle Watson (Sampson County Farm Bureau), Tina Joyner (Sampson Independent), Abigail Warner (Sampson Partnership), Colby Jackson (South River Electric), Perry Casteen (Swanton-Newton Nursing), Daisy Siquina (Tammy Irene Pickett Memorial), Glenda Wallace (Temporary Connections of Clinton), Emmanuel Williamson (Underwood Family), Sabrina Newkirk (Union Academic), Lorin Hawks  (VFW Post #7547), Cameron Burley (Viser Family), Sarah Suggs (W. M. “Bill” Johnson Memorial) and Zatasia Crumpler (Wayland M. and Ruth Rivenbark Denton).

Edward Stephens, who received the Leo and Margaret Benson Memorial Scholarship, says it has made all the difference in the world. “I’m in Criminal justice and I received a scholarship and it is a great help for me to continue my education here at SCC,” he says. “It’s great. Without them, I wouldn’t even be here. It’s a lot of money that will help my education, which I care dearly about.  I want to go on now and do something great!” For more information about donating to help a student reach their goals, contact Turlington at or at 910.900.4114.