By Ruthie Brock,

(Clinton, NC) – Karely Habrego, a 2017 Union High School graduate, is currently working towards her Associate degree in Medical Office Administration and Community Spanish Interpreter. Karely works with Student Services, making her one of the few students at Sampson Community College who is both a student and employee.

Karely says that her inspiration for furthering her education is credited to her mother. Her parents divorced when she was six which left Karely’s mother a single parent. Karely watched her mother work a full-time job and, at the same time, obtain a degree to provide for her family. She was inspired to get a college degree just as her mother did. Sampson Community College was close to home for Karely, and the campus size allowed her to build a real support system with her classmates, professors, and co-workers.


Karely working in the Student Services department. (Photograph by Ruthie Brock)

While a full-time student at Sampson Community College, Karely applied for a work study position and later received a full-time position in Student Services. The Student Services team has worked with Karely’s schedule to help her remain a full-time student and full-time employee at Sampson Community College. Karely enjoys that her job and degrees will allow her to work closely with her community because community work is one of her passions.

Karely Habrego plans to graduate in May of 2020. She hopes to one day obtain a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is confident that her friends, co-workers, and professors have prepared her for the future. No matter the support of the great atmosphere at SCC, Karely says, “All of my past experiences and my mother’s unconditional support built the foundation for who I am today.”