SCC Offers New Resource to Boost Students

Sampson Community College is always looking for ways to ensure success among its students. The most recent example of this is the newly created Arts and Sciences Assignment Assistance Lab which is now located in the library.

Lew Gravis, Division Chair for the Arts and Sciences Division at SCC says the lab will be open for students every Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. “This initiative will make it possible for anyone needing help in the subjects pertaining to Arts and Sciences to come here and receive assistance,” says Gravis. “Currently, we have 20 full-time faculty members, each will serve an hour during the week, so students can come and get tutoring. There will be sessions for math, history, English, political science, psychology, sociology. You name it, someone will be here to help.”


Gravis assists a student on a computer in the new lab.

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs at SCC are designed for students who plan to transfer to 4-year colleges or universities. Courses in the program parallel those required during the freshman and sophomore years of certain college or university programs. The curriculum includes 60-61 semester credit hours of general education and pre-major elective courses. Graduates of the program who earn at least a “C” in all courses and have an overall grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale can enter 4-year UNC System universities and many private institutions in NC with junior status.

“I think because there will be many more tutors providing courses for most college transfer classes that we will have a wider range of services we offer for more subjects,” adds Gravis. “Hopefully more folks come down here and get the assistance they need. The creation of the lab follows other initiatives the college recently launched such transfer agreements and programs to help cover financial aid.

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