SCC Foundation’s Roots Remain Strong Through Change

Sampson Community College’s Foundation Board is the muscle behind SCC. From providing scholarships for students to expanding infrastructure on campus, the group has been relied on for more than three decades to help make SCC exceptional.

This week, the board held its annual meeting to review recent accomplishments but more importantly to progress and to begin planning exciting new things for the college. “The foundation supports the mission of the college, raises private funds and advocates for college,” says Lisa Turlington, host of the event and Executive Director of the SCC Foundation. “They represent business and civic leadership within the community, and they are great supporters. Tonight’s annual meeting is to get together and review the successes as well as the new challenges going forward.”


Foundation directors and supporters vow to keep making SCC successful.

The Foundation’s impact this year was significant with more than $317,000 going to student aid and program support. In 2017, the Foundation committed to a capital campaign for a signature project, Develop the East, the greenspace community park space along Airport Road. The board is actively engaged in resource development, investment oversight, college advocacy, partnership building. The foundation runs four primary fundraising campaigns: Campus Drive, the Sampson Classic Golf tournament; the Phonathon; and Annual Giving. This year, the Foundation awarded more than $117,000 in scholarship and committed to fund the Sampson Promise, a tuition guarantee program for qualifying high school students.

Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, recognizes the importance of the Foundation to the college. “The foundation is the principal source of scholarship money, outside of federal loans here,” he said. “They provide significant resources for our students. Look at the campus and you can see the expansion, the walking track, lighting, many new enhancements. Those are the direct result of the Foundation and many of the leaders that are here tonight.”

The SCC Foundation Board was established in 1987 as the first Foundation in Sampson County. A fact of life is that sooner or later, the faces that were there for earlier accomplishments may not be around when time comes to pass the torch to new leadership. Such is the case with two board members who shared in many successes but are leaving the group this year.

One member retiring from the board is Annabelle Fetterman. Fetterman, who long served the Foundation and SCC, is a retired CEO of Lundy Packing Company and holds an Honorary Doctorate from Campbell University. She is a member of Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church, the Clinton Garden Club and many regional, national and international Camellia Societies. She has served on the NC Community Foundation Board, The Campbell University Board of Trustees, as well as the Sampson Community College Foundation Board of Directors.


Annabelle Fetterman

Among her many recognitions for leadership in business, philanthropy and gardening, Mrs. Fetterman has been awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, The NC Pork Council Hall of Fame Award, The American Camellia Society Award, Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Award, Business and Professional Women of USA Magnificent Seven Award, and the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Member Award. Mrs. Fetterman established the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business at Campbell University in memory of her parents, Burrows T. & Mabel L. Lundy.

Lorraine Moore, also having served the foundation through its many successes, is semi-retired from Ivanhoe Blueberry Farms. She was a longtime member of the Sampson County School Board and is a member of Ivanhoe Baptist Church. Additionally, Mrs. Moore served fifteen years on the Black River Medical Board. The Mary Teachey Moore Education Scholarship has been established in loving memory of Mary Moore, her daughter. The scholarship assists a student who has overcome personal challenges and is pursuing a degree and a career in education. The Moore family has a long history of commitment to education in Sampson County.


Lorraine Moore

Turlington says their contributions are priceless. “It has been my great pleasure to work with Mrs. Fetterman and Mrs. Moore through the Foundation. They are both dedicated to this community and to the college,” she says. “Mrs. Moore has been an advocate for education in our county for most of her life as she served on the school board and on the Foundation Board. Her family generously established a scholarship in memory of her daughter, Mary, that is awarded to a student pursuing a career in education. She was also instrumental in building the fountain at the front entrance to the campus.”

“Mrs. Fetterman enjoyed an amazing career in business and is a role model for women trying to break glass ceilings,” Turlington continues. “Among her many accolades, she was recognized with the Sampson Classic Service Award in 2014. She is an inspiration to everyone in this community, and her family established a scholarship to aid students in agriculture related studies. The impact the SCC Foundation has on the college is possible because of the work both of these ladies have done over the years, and we are grateful for their dedication to Sampson Community College. We are better for having learned from them.”

Dr. Starling, who has served at the college for decades has witnessed some of the great things that both ladies brought to the table. “One of Ann’s greatest contributions to the College and the Foundation was simply her willingness to serve as a founding director. For us, her membership gave the earliest work the recognition that was needed to ensure the Foundation would be successful. Her uninterrupted support for SCC, both in her financial contributions and participation in Foundation and College events, has been an important part of the development of the campus, the growth of scholarship funds, and the support of the community.  Each day, when the clock tower chimes, we are reminded that it was her generosity that supported the clocktower and chimes as well as the development of an important academic building on our campus.”

“I think we are remarkably fortunate to have had Loraine as a member of the Foundation Board as well,” added Dr. Starling. “She has always well represented the interest of our local young people, both as a member of the board of education, and through her continued service to SCC.  She is, perhaps, one of our most recognizable community leaders and an important advocate for the interest of southern Sampson County.  Her personal generosity and graciousness have been enjoyed by everyone who has worked with her. I think it is remarkably fortunate for SCC that her family’s support for the College will continue with the appointment of Morgan Lee Moore, the newest addition to the Moore family.”

Other members of the board chimed in their thanks to these former members as well. “Mrs Fetterman has been a mentor to me and many others in our community,” said Steve Stefanovich. “I have observed in her quiet way to make an enormous difference at SCC through her leadership and philanthropy.  She will be extremely missed on our board.”

“Over recent decades, Annabelle Fetterman has methodically and steadily influenced the trajectory of the College,” says Dr. Paul Viser. “Her contributions and thoughtful input are well known to the longtime staff and faculty.  Yet, even newly registered students have an enhanced experience on campus when they look at the clock tower and listen to its hourly chimes.  Her own hopes and forward thinking are woven into today’s SCC.”

“Lorraine Moore has been an inspiration to me over the years,” added Viser. “Her understated manner may leave unsaid her influence upon the Foundation Board, and upon the College generally.  I have learned that she cares deeply about Sampson County, and she continues to look for new ways to enhance the quality of life that we enjoy here.”

Asked to help carry the torch for the foundation for the foreseeable future, the group welcomed four new board members including Jaime Bonilla, Morgan Lee Moore, Rev. Thaddeus Godwin and returning member, Chuck Spell. For more information about the board or simply to donate to the Foundation, contact Turlington at