C3 Acceptance — Part of the Pack

Students have wasted no time following the advice of Sampson Community College’s slogan, Begin Here, Go Anywhere! Thanks to the partnership signed by the college and NC State University, these students will soon be members of the Wolfpack family.

The C3 agreement is designed to allow students who want to go to NC State for their four-year degree to be pre-approved when they enroll at Sampson Community College for their first two years of college. This allows students to save money and remain closer to home for the first two years of their schooling.

“Many of our college transfer students aspire to attend NC State, so this a wonderful opportunity for them,” says Blair Hairr, Dean of Student Services at SCC. “In addition to the faculty and staff support available at SCC, C3 students will have an NC State advisor, gain direct access to NC State’s online advising and course planning tools, and receive invitations to attend specialized C3 activities and programs.”


Earlier this year, SCC and NCSU leaders made the agreement official.

C3 is one of four recent transfer agreements the college has signed. SCC also has similar agreements with Fayetteville State University, East Carolina University and UNC-Wilmington. To be eligible for the programs, students must meet certain criteria. The first three students accepted in the C3 program are Lorin Hawks, Hannah Taylor and Jadell Holmes.

Hairr says it is worthwhile for students interested in pursuing a four-year degree to consider these options. “After completion of the A.A. or A.S. degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better here at SCC, C3 participants are guaranteed admission to NC State,“ she says. “We have staff and faculty working closely with NCSU’s team to ensure a seamless process for students.  We are excited about the students who are part of C3 this coming year and look forward to seeing more in the years to come.”

Nearly 1,700 students transfer to NC State each year to complete their bachelor’s degree and NC State is committed to providing affordable pathways while providing access to quality education that produces career-ready graduates. For more information about C3 or any of the transfer agreements SCC has signed, contact Sharon Leggett at sleggett@sampsoncc.edu.