Forklift Operation Lifts SCC Class to New Heights

Last year, Sampson Community College sent three of its employees to training designed not only to certify them as official forklift operators but also allow them to certify others as well. The college has wasted no time integrating this into its programs at SCC.

David Locklear, Maintenance Instructor at SCC, has begun teaching the skill in one of his classes. “This is our MNT 220 class which is Rigging and Moving. We have started integrating forklift operations training into it to give students their certification. Once they have had this class, that’s just one more thing that they are able to put on a resume when they seek employment. We discussed doing it last fall and decided it would be a great way to enhance our student’s ability to become more employable.”


Locklear guides students through the proper operation of a forklift.

This Rigging and Moving course covers the principles of safe rigging practices for handling, placing, installing, and moving heavy machinery and equipment. Topics include safety, weight and dimensional estimation, positioning of equipment slings, rollers, jacks, levers, dollies, ropes, chains, padding, and other related topics. SCC has now enhanced that by adding the forklift.

“This is why we chose to attend training ourselves here at the college,” says Barney Grady, Division Chair of Construction, Industrial, and Agriculture programs at SCC. Now, we can provide certification which not only helps students coming through our doors but also, we are now able to certify our own instructors and employees as well. We no longer must send anyone elsewhere for this training or incur additional costs. This will become exponentially valuable as we move forward.”

Forklifts are powered industrial trucks used to lift and move materials over short distances. They have become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing. Forklifts are rated for loads at a specified maximum weight and a specified forward center of gravity. Forklifts are a critical element of warehouses and distribution centers. It’s imperative that these structures be designed to accommodate their efficient and safe movement. For more information about these classes, contact Grady at or at 910.900.4118.