SCC Wilderness First Aid a Success

You never know when you might need first aid but perhaps the worst time is in the middle of the woods with no one around. This is why Sampson Community College has added Wilderness First Aid training to its slew of continuing education options. This was the first time the class was offered and it was a success. So much so, plans are in the works to potentially offer it again this fall.

“We are very happy with the turnout we had the first time around,” says Angela Magill, EMS Coordinator for Sampson Community College. “This course is designed to teach you how to survive if unexpectedly stranded in the wilderness and how to treat injury and illness. It’s great for anybody who may not have immediate access to local EMS, such as hunters, hikers, farmers, linesmen, and much more.” Topics included are bleeding control, wound care, chest injuries, bone fractures, and more.


Students at SCC prepare for the unexpected.

This course meets the Boy Scouts of America Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines; approved by Wilderness Medical Society and Emergency Care & Safety Institute. Wilderness medicine (also known as expedition medicine) is the practice of medicine where definitive care is more than one hour away, and often days to weeks away. The difference between regular first aid is difficult patient access, limited equipment, and environmental extremes; decision making, creative thinking and improvising.

Four of the most common wilderness injuries are sprained ankles, near drowning, cuts and abrasions and head injuries. SCC has a longstanding history of excellence in its medical programs. For more information about plans for the next Wilderness First Aid classes, contact Magill at or at 910.900.4009.