SCC’s Newest Trustee Strong Education Advocate

Sampson Community College added a new member to the Board of Trustees this week. When other board members look across the table going forward, they will not only recognize a familiar face but also one with an outstanding track record in education. Michael Warren took his oath to keep the college on course while it continues to build its future one success at a time. Warren has worked in various capacities in the education field in several cities across North Carolina and even in Canada.

“When thinking about the community college system, I suddenly realized how much the community college system has meant to my family,” says Warren. “Two of my three children have community college degrees, one of them has since completed her bachelor’s degree. The other is beginning work on his bachelor’s degree.”

Warren has served in several positions throughout his career. These have included Principal, Assistant Principal, Interim Superintendent, Educational Consultant, Athletic Director and District Transformation Coach. Warren has noticed the new changes at SCC and expects to add to the ongoing success the college has experienced.

Erika Starling, Board Chair, is excited to add Warren to the team. “On behalf of the board of trustees at SCC, I’d like to welcome Mr. Warren as a new trustee. His tenure as an educator and experience in the school system along with his personal family experience in the community college system makes him an asset to the team! I think he will work hard to maintain and propel the school, along with all the members of the board, into the future! I am looking forward to working alongside him.’’


Warren (L) swears in at SCC.

To say Warren has seen the value of community colleges is an understatement. Of Warren’s six grandchildren, three of them have community college degrees and one has a trade school diploma. His fifth granddaughter has completed almost a year of college credit, at community college cost and is now enrolled at Campbell University. Another is currently enrolled in an EMT program. He himself took four courses in finance at SCC and his wife took college transfer courses at SCC before going on to East Carolina University. She then completed her bachelor’s degree at St. Andrews University offered completely on campus at Sandhills Community College.

“Mike brings to the Board of Trustees the experiences of an accomplished career in public education,” adds Dr. Bill Starling, President of Sampson Community College. “He is a Sampson County native with family and friends that call our service area home. In his personal story he quickly shares his commitment to the mission of the community college. We are excited to have Mr. Warren as our newest appointment the Board of Trustees.”

SCC has seen heightened success over the years. Recently, the college added a new entrance, trees, walking trails and a new state-of-the-art welding facility. Additionally, the college has signed four co-admission agreements with four-year colleges and added a few new programs this year.  The college also created Sampson Promise and the Viking Express to help students save money and time. For more information about SCC, visit the website at