SCC Offers All Aboard for Viking Express

All Aboard! The Viking Express is off and running! Sampson Community College has come up with the perfect remedy for those ready to forge their career path but wishing to do so for less money and in less time. The Viking Express is an accelerated program where students will complete five eight-week consecutive sessions beginning in August and ending in July of each academic school year.

“This is a new program that allows students a bit of a head start if they choose to accept it,” says Lew Gravis, Division Chair of Arts & Sciences at the College. “The Viking Express can cut the time it takes to earn an Associate of Arts degree in half. This is a way to get ahead of the game and save some time and money along the way.”


Screenshot from the web page about the Viking Express which can be found at

Coursework under the Viking Express program is either offered fully online or via hybrid/online course delivery and allows students to earn their degree in a 12-month time frame instead of a typical two-year time frame.

“You are going to save at least $1,300 initially,” adds Carole Phipps, adviser for the program. “That’s a year of tuition you will never pay. Additionally, many of the courses do not have traditional textbooks involved which also greatly reduces the cost. The best part about it, though, is that these students will be able to transfer out a year early and begin their four-year degrees sooner than they would have without the program.”

Recently, Sampson Community College has become creative in developing innovative ways to help students find different paths to success to include co-admission agreements with other colleges. SCC has signed agreements with East Carolina University, UNC-Wilmington and North Carolina State University under which students are guaranteed admission to those colleges when they enter SCC provided they maintain requirements.

In May, SCC partnered with Fayetteville State University to promote the 10K Pathway Agreement. Under this, students may earn a Bachelor’s degree online through FSU with very little student debt. If a student from Sampson Community College completes an Associate of Arts or Science degree and transfers to FSU, they can essentially earn two degrees, one from each school and be guaranteed not to spend more than $10,000 out-of-pocket in total. For more information about any of these programs, contact 910.900.4319.