SCC Grad Hires Coming in Waves—and Curls

For many, doing your hair and nails during work hours is something that could get you fired. For three Sampson Community College graduates, it is something that can get you hired.

Fantastic Sam’s, located at 1351 Sunset Avenue in Clinton, next to Walmart, now features the three on its staff, offering clients a very public opportunity to see what hands-on training that the college can produce. Tresta Jones, Madelin Mendoza and Casey Foss are all graduates of SCC’s Cosmetology program.

“We feel great every time we hear about our students succeeding after coming through our program,“ says Loreta M. Jones, Cosmetology Dept. Chair at SCC. “We have graduates hired all the time, but I will admit though, when it’s three at a time, it makes it that much more special. These are ladies who worked very hard while they were here, and I am proud to say they came from our program here at the college.”


SCC’s Loreta Jones (second from left) joins new hire Tresta Jones (L), Fantastic Sam’s owner Mathis and SCC Cosmetology instructor Pharris Shirley. Inset: Mathis (C) with new hires Madelin Mendoza and Casey Foss.

Fantastic Sam’s is one of the world’s largest full-service hair care franchises, with salons located throughout North America. With the first location opening forty-five years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, the company has a long-standing reputation and boasts more than 1,000 locations throughout North America today.

Toni Mathis, owner of the salon, says she chose the SCC grads not only for the skills she has seen from them individually but also for the reputation SCC has of producing good employees. “We are here to stay,” says Mathis. “Fantastic Sam’s expects and delivers high quality daily, so we aren’t just going to hire anyone who walks through our doors. We know what the college is doing over there, and I think our recent hires demonstrate what we believe about SCC.”

The hirings come a week after SCC’s Construction program reported that three of its students, all of whom still attend the college, were hired by construction companies in the region. For more information about SCC’s Cosmetology program, contact Loreta Jones at or at 910.900.4069.