Back to the Future for SCC Sports

Many may not realize that Sampson Community College has a glorious past when it comes to competitive sports. The SCC Vikings have had some great athletes come through its doors and there were times in the colleges’ history that the talent was fully on display.

This week Charles Williams, former SCC basketball star visited the Foundation’s office at the college to receive a unique gift. Charles took home his former jersey, framed and mounted from the Foundation’s archives. SCC president Dr. Bill Starling and Foundation’s Executive Director, Lisa Turlington presented the jersey.

“My time here was awesome,” said Williams, talking about his former playing days at Sampson Community College. “The guys I played with, we had a lot of fun. My days of playing here, I remember very fondly.” The presentation comes at an appropriate time as the college has expressed its intent to bridge the gap to its glory days by using its Develop the East project to bring competitive sports back to SCC.


Williams, flanked by Starling and Turlington.

Develop the East came about in part from student and community interest in recreation-related events at the college. The idea is that the area will be able to host outdoor events and performances at the college that can be open to the public. The SCC Foundation continues to raise funds for the project. Input and ideas have been solicited from the public and plans have been in the works ever since.

Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the Foundation is excited. “Two years ago, the Foundation dedicated resources and committed to a capital campaign to help this project which will support student activity, student life and recreation. Today, we are reminded of the rich history the college has with sports and we are inspired to see how the intermurals that will kick off this fall might develop.”

“We are celebrating a period of time in which we had basketball here as one of the student activities,” added Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC. “Charles is one of the best athletes from that period and we are giving him the jersey to commemorate his time here. We are always trying to grow. We are aware that schools around us have athletic programs. We would like to move forward and be part of that as well.”

“I think that wd be great,” said Williams about the plans. “There is a lot of young talent here that could use that as stepping stone. I hope that happens and I would be happy to be a part of it.” For more information about how you can help with the Develop the East project, contact Turlington at