Cosmetology at SCC a Grade-A Program

Sampson Community College once again goes to the head of the class. In the last two weeks, SCC has received top honors for its Truck Driver Training program and its LPN to RN nursing program. Now, the college’s Cosmetology program has received an A on its report card as well.

“The State Inspector was very impressed with how clean the department was,” says Loreta Jones, Cosmetology Department Chair at SCC. “This is a team effort and we thank every faculty member and staff who contributed along the way. We received an A-Grade from the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts of Examiners. That is a big deal being in the business we are in. It tells students that they are in good hands when they come to SCC to start their careers.”


Cosmetology student Brittany Smith styles the hair of nursing student, Miranda Wells.

The NC State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners was created almost ninety years ago to establish and maintain sanitary and professional standards for the cosmetic art industry. Today, the Board licenses over 80,000 individuals and businesses in the various branches of the cosmetic art industry to include cosmetology, manicuring, esthetics, natural hair care, salons, public and private cosmetic art schools and programs.

The Board is tasked with upholding sanitary, healthful, and professional standards for the ever-expanding and technologically advancing cosmetic art profession. The board’s mission is to develop, monitor and enforce the standards used in the industry for the safety and protection of the public.

The news of getting a top grade follows recent reports that the college’s Truck Driver Training program is ranked number one in the state and news that SCC’s LPN to RN nursing program ranks fourth in the nation. For more information about SCC, visit