ESL Students Experience Downtown Clinton

English as a Second Language students at Sampson Community College spend many hours in the classroom learning about the native tongue spoken in the United States. An important part of that is also understanding the culture outside the classroom.

As part of the Civics portion of their ESL classes, students took a field trip to the Sampson County Museum as well as the JC Holliday Library last week. “Our students are so dedicated and such hard workers that we decided we needed a day out of the classroom for learning,” said Bonnie Fann, ESL instructor at SCC. “We spend quite some time letting them educate each other on their born countries for the first couple of weeks upon entering class. This is a good “beginning place” for them as this is their comfort because they know all the information.”


ESL students pose in front of the Sampson County Museum.

English as Second Language is a program of study designed to help adults 18 years of age and older whose native language is not English, but who want to learn the language skills necessary to function effectively in an English-speaking environment.  Students gain skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension.  Students also learn how to seek help in crisis or emergency situations, how to deal with US currency, how to prepare for employment, and how to get assistance in becoming US citizens.  Classes are held on campus and at the Roseboro Center.

Fann believes hands-on learning, a staple at SCC, is as important as any other method offered today. “What a better way to explore history of the country with which they reside and North Carolina than the Sampson County Museum?” asks Fann. “The Holliday Library was just icing on the cake!”

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