SCC’s BLET Program Helps Protect and Serve

Building a strong team of first responders is important for any community. Fortunately, at Sampson Community College, this is one of the many things it does well. As the date draws near for the next Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy, instructors are urging those interested to begin their career path today.

“This is your chance to do something tangible for your community,” says Jennifer Wiley, Basic Law Enforcement Training Director for Sampson Community College. “There are very few professions that allow you to meet the people of your community face to face in times of danger and make a difference in their lives, many times in life and death circumstances. This is that opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.”


The Basic law Enforcement Training program covers numerous scenarios related to first responders.

Successful completion of the BLET program requires that the student satisfy the minimum requirements for certification by the Criminal Justice Commission including passing the Police Officer Physical Abilities (POPAT) test. Students satisfactorily completing BLET will possess skills to function as a law enforcement officer. Job opportunities are available with state, county, and municipal governments in North Carolina.

Wiley says the training is invaluable and so are the career opportunities that avail themselves after completing the program. “There are so many avenues you can pursue once you have gone through BLET,” she adds. “You aren’t trapped into one line of service. You have the chance to grow, expand your knowledge and training and do what you want to do to serve.” Wiley says to be considered for the program, you must start gathering materials early for the next session, however.

BLET packets require certain timelines be complete as far as paperwork to enter the program. Often, students have out of state record checks that take time to receive back. Wiley urges prompt response by those interested to avoid any delays. The next BLET academy start date is August 21st. For more information, contact Wiley at 910.900.4054 or at