SCC Employee Seals the Deal

Jeanette Rackley works at Sampson Community College in the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Department. Each day, she assists students with reaching goals and staff members completing job task.  Today, she became Sampson Community College’s newest Notary Public.

“I like to take courses at SCC,” says Rackley, Administrative Assistant. “You can always learn something new in life, whether it is through a curriculum program or through individual courses offered through the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division. I see people fulfilling goals and upgrading skills every day in my office.  Oftentimes, I ask the question why not me? I’m eager to learn, so I register for classes too.”


Rackley takes oath as an official notary; Instructor Eleanor Bradshaw (C) and Betty Harvey administer oath. Bradshaw also serves as Sampson County Register of Deeds.

A Notary Public of the common law is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-challenging matters usually concerned with estates, deeds, and powers-of-attorney. Notaries are charged with protecting, serving, and protecting public interests.  The Notary Public can perform in the State of North Carolina if licensed, as authorized duties vary by state

Katie Brown, Director of Customized Training and Occupational Extension Programming at SCC says, “I am very proud of my colleague and friend. It was an exciting moment to see her accomplish her goal and attain a certification. It was a real privilege to attend the swearing-in ceremony.  As I reflect on the numerous students trained within the WDCE Division, it really speaks volume about the quality of courses we provide to the public. Jeanette has been a catalyst to register, study, and succeed to enhance opportunities in her studies; her accomplishments create positive results and stimulates interest for others to sign up for course work.”

Notary is offered on the college campus during the day or night at the Sampson County Register of Deeds Office.  For more information, contact Katie Brown at 910-900-4055 or or Melissa Carter at 910-900-4124 or