Viking Spotlight: Twanda Moore

Written by Anna Blount

Twanda Moore, Clinton, NC native and Sampson Community College alumni, now holds a teaching position at SCC.

Moore earned an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Sampson CC. Moore then went on to study at Fayetteville State University where she earned two bachelor’s degrees: one in Birth to Kindergarten Education, the other in Sociology. Lastly, Moore studied at Ashford University to earn a master’s degree in Early Education, specializing in special needs.

After studying, Moore decided to come back and teach Early Childhood Education here at SCC. SCC is where it all started for her, which was a big reason for her to come back and teach.

“I had been out of high school for about 15 years before I started at Sampson Community College; going back to school was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Moore is also a full-time teacher at Clinton High School, teaching Principles of Family, Human Services, and Parent and Child Development.

Moore enjoys working with Dr. Susan Baxter and Mrs. Denise Britt. These two ladies were huge influencers in Moore’s life and major proponents in Moore coming back to teach at SCC.

“Being back in contact with Dr. Susan Baxter is one of my favorite parts about teaching here. She and Mrs. Denise Britt were great leaders and advisors. I love that I may get the opportunity to be a positive influence and make a difference in at least one student’s life.”

moore 2

“I hope my students here at SCC gain some of the knowledge needed to educate our future. Children are our future, and one course at a time I hope to assist with building our future.” Moore hopes to educate those about the children of our nation through her course at SCC.

We are very honored to have alum come back as faculty. Twanda, thank you for all you do for Sampson Community College!