SCC Hosts Special Art Show

The halls of Sampson Community College are adorned with artwork designed by talented individuals from an unlikely place—prison. SCC is hosting the 42nd Annual NC Prison Art Show, sponsored by the NC Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Corrections-Prisons.

“This is an excellent display of work,” says Alonza Royal, HRD Coordinator at SCC. “Many of these pieces look as if they were designed by professional artists with years of experience. It certainly is our pleasure to work with the prison system to showcase the talents that exist out there.”


Royal inspects art work from this year’s show.

This special event allows offenders to demonstrate their artistic talents, while encouraging creative thinking, boosting self-esteem, relieving stress and providing a sense of accomplishment. Annually, one prison is selected to host the show while having the responsibility to provide a location for the artwork to be displayed for two weeks.  This year, Sampson Correctional Center was selected for the 42 Annual Art Show.

Sampson Correctional Institution has networked with Sampson Community College to have the art work displayed for this year’s competition.  The artwork will be on display through this Friday in the East Building at Sampson Community College. The selections for the art show competition is received from offenders with an interest to participate from all fifty-five North Carolina prison facilities. More than ten-dozen pieces of art were entered for this year’s event.

“This gives the public an opportunity to see another side of what inmates can do,” says Royal. “Obviously, there is a reason that an inmate is in prison but that does not mean they are not talented or can be productive in society. The inmates that produced these works have talent.” For more information about SCC, visit