SCC Student First to Be State Certified

One of Sampson Community College’s newest programs is already proving to be a success. The Natural Hair Care course was designed last year and introduced in the fall of 2018. Alicia Best, who immediately signed up when she heard about it, became the first student to become state certified after completing the program.

“We are so excited for Alicia,” says Cosmetology Department Chair, Loreta Jones. “She is the very first one to become state certified in this new program. Other students who went through the course with her have become very inspired by her efforts and are now following in her footsteps to go take their exams and get their license as well.”


Best (L) shows off her certification with SCC’s Cosmetology Chair, Loreta Jones.

The Natural Hair Care discipline focuses on services that feature tension on hair strands or roots by twisting, wrapping, extending, or locking hair by hand or mechanical devices and includes the use of artificial or natural hair. Upon completion, students could work in any salon or manage a Natural Hair Care salon. The program prepares students for the state exam. Once complete, students can earn their licenses and become a natural hair care specialist.

“It has been like a domino effect,” says Best. “I took the Natural Hair Care course in the fall. When I got my certificate, I went to the state board. I was able to get a 92 on the written test and a 93 on the practical. I am so thankful and proud to be the first one to go. I have loved this class so much, I have decided to enroll in the full Cosmetology program at SCC.”

Jones says that the word is getting out about the new course and the college is already receiving calls for the Fall 2019 version. “People are calling about the fall classes. We are keeping them on our list and will be contacting them when that time comes,” she says. For more information about this program, contact Katie Brown, Director at or 910-900-4055 or Loreta Jones, Cosmetology Department Chair at or 910-900-4009.