Viking Spotlight: Sarah Strickland

Written by Anna Blount

Sarah Strickland, a young mother to two boys, is one of our many hard-working students here at SCC.

Sarah is a full-time student in the College Transfer program. Given Sarah’s busy schedule, she takes a mix of online and face-to-face classes. The course flexibility offered at SCC allows her time to focus on her schoolwork while taking care of her children.

“The number one quality about SCC that you may not encounter at all colleges is the caring faculty.” Sarah believes every staff member at Sampson Community College cares about every student and wants them to succeed, even after they graduate. SCC President Dr. Starling holds meetings with students to drive student opinion, which Sarah thinks is crucial.

Sarah’s former professor, Lew Gravis, speaks very highly of Sarah because of her hard work in the classroom. Mr. Gravis has a policy for his testing – if students do well on the first three tests, they may exempt themselves from his final exam. Sarah earned an A in Mr. Gravis’ Sociology class, and placed out of the final exam. Instead of testing, she got to spend that time with her kids!

“Mr. Gravis has a fun approach to teaching a subject with a ton of material, I really looked forward to attending his lectures.” Sarah was a big fan of Mr. Gravis’ teaching methods.

Sarah hopes to transfer to a university to get a Bachelor’s in Biology and later receive her Master’s degree.

Sarah helps represent one of our most important objectives – to provide education to people from all walks of life. We applaud your strength Sarah, and we’re honored to offer you the opportunities you need as a young mother to pursue an education!