BB&T Commits to Community Through SCC

When thinking about investments, some envision putting money into a bank one way or the other. Today, the bank is investing in you. Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) has announced a new partnership with Sampson Community College that promises to serve as an investment in the community through training and workforce development.

Pat Nobles, Senior Vice President and Certified Market President in Sampson County visited the college with the news. “Our mission statement is ‘making the world a better place to live’,” Nobles says. “We are doing just that. Our chairman Kelly King believes that one way that is key to doing this is to create an environment where our associates can grow and learn, be better people and make a difference in the world and that’s what this will do.”


Bradshaw, Starling and Turlington discuss details of the grant with BB&T’s Nobles.

BB&T granted the money totaling $1 million from the BB&T Charitable Fund to SCC, along with Southeastern Community College, Robeson Community College and Bladen Community College. The money was granted to develop a curriculum to produce well-trained students that become productive employees.

Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, was happy to hear the news. “On behalf of our college and the people of Sampson County, I want to thank BB&T’s leadership team for their willingness to provide significant financial support for Sampson, Bladen, Southeastern, and Robeson CCs as we work together to develop programs focused on providing students the technical skills they need to succeed across many emerging job opportunities in eastern North Carolina.  It is our intention to use these funds to remove financial barriers for students interested in pursuing occupational training through the College’s Division of Workforce Development that is designed to meet the training needs developed in our partnerships with BB&T staff and our community college colleagues. Our faculty and staff are grateful for BB&T’s very symbolic show of support for the mission of SCC and all NCCCS institutions.”

The grants help champion education and job training that benefits the local community and will assist the colleges’ leadership teams in developing a technology curriculum to train and prepare students to be workforce ready. “To think that something the college is doing is a need for other industries, even in other states, to help them—that motivates us. We work hard and to share that, that’s why we are here, to help.”

Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement at SCC, accepted the grant on behalf of the college and says it is an exciting time for SCC. “The regional focus of this investment shows the vision of BB&T and how collaboration and working across boundaries will improve the economy of southeastern NC. Responding to workforce needs through collective impact will help our state bridge the gap in training and skills needed.”

BB&T’s long-term commitment to eastern North Carolina will have a widespread impact in the southeast region. “We are committed to the community and we are trying to help,” says Nobles. “Sampson Community College is a cornerstone and it’s our way of saying thanks to the college for what it does to make a difference in our community.” For information about how SCC can help your business and industry, contact Turlington at or at 910.900.2042.