Viking Spotlight: Perry Gillespie

Written by Anna Blount

Welcome back, Vikings! The Spring 2019 semester is now underway at Sampson Community College.

Many high school students across Sampson county take dual enrollment classes through Sampson Community College. Yet, few students know about the mastermind behind their incredible opportunities.

Perry Gillespie is the Director of the Career and College Promise program at SCC. He works in the North Building in student services alongside Marvin Rondon, Dean of Academic Services and Institutional Effectiveness.

The Career and College Promise (CCP) program at SCC extends college courses to high school students. These courses allow students to earn college credit as a high school student and apply them towards a two- or four-year degree later in life. Best of all, it’s tuition-free!

Mr. Gillespie is excited by the drive and passion that he sees in his students.

perry gillespie 2


“These kids are bright, kind, considerate, and diligent, and give hope for our county’s future.”

Mr. Gillespie began working at SCC under a grant position, but after being offered the job to work with high school students, he was glad to accept. This career choice was a perfect fit for his family as his wife Anna was already employed as a math instructor at Sampson Community College.

He obtained his Bachelor’s in Family Studies from Campbell University in 2001 and a Master’s of Sociology from Florida State University in 2015.

Mr. Gillespie is proud to work alongside some of the best students in Sampson County. ¨I would not have my position without them. They are the best of the best in our county. These kids are bright, kind, considerate, and diligent, and give hope for our county’s future.”

This year Mr. Gillespie has double-digit numbers of students that will obtain their Associate degrees in the Arts and Science pathways.

Dual-enrollment classes help students and families save money while still in high school. Mr. Gillespie has a true passion for this program. Sampson Community College is truly blessed to have Mr. Gillespie.