Surratt Latest Artist to Adorn SCC

Sampson Community College’s commitment to the arts continues as the college invites the works from a familiar face to grace the walls at SCC.

Amelia Surratt is the latest artist to allow her works to be displayed in SCC’s North Building. Her three paintings depict street scenes of downtown Clinton. “I don’t necessarily have an affinity for streetscapes per se,” she says, “At the time I painted these, it was an assignment in a class to do scenes of Clinton. I started one and enjoyed painting it so much I created two more.”


Surratt stands by a watercolor work of downtown Clinton.

The idea to feature artists on the walls at the college was introduced earlier this year with a painting called Rescue, by local artist Peter Butler, which is now on display in the main lobby at SCC. Shortly afterward, the works of local photographer Fred Dufour were welcomed in, followed by the watercolor works from Surratt.

“I think Sampson Community College is an extremely valuable asset to the county and the community,” says Surratt. “More than a decade ago I took watercolor classes offered through the Victor Small House by Paula Fitzpatrick. I enjoyed painting so much that later to try a different medium and joined Walt Smith’s to learn oil painting.” Surratt has also served on the college’s Foundation Board, an entity designed to raise money to help students attend college.

Surratt says she just loves colors. “I’ve just always been attracted to colors,” she says. “My original hobby was quilting and sewing. I loved the colors that I was able to work with and that passion just spilled over into painting I suppose.” Much of her inspiration also derived from her sister-in-law, Mary Ellen Golden, a professional artist in Wilmington who created The Golden Gallery there more than forty years ago.

“The college is so proud of its relationship with the arts community,” says Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC. “There are plans in the works to find other ways to showcase our local artists and we encourage any artist that has work they want to hang or loan to us, please let us know.” To view the works of Surratt or any of the other featured artists, visit the North Building at Sampson Community College. For more information about SCC, visit