Students Develop Photo Skills at SCC

Recently, Sampson Community College has displayed works of art from various artists and photographers on its walls at the college. Could yours be next? Thanks to a popular longtime course offered at the college, you can improve your skills behind the camera in no time.

Shutterbugs is a photography class held in the afternoon typically once a week through the college’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education Department. The course gives students the knowledge and skills to learn the historical perspective of pictures and why photography is important. Students learn how to take pictures in various settings. Simple photo editing skills are also taught in a computer lab and emphasis is placed on downloading, cropping and adjusting photos

“Clearly, this is one of the favorites,” says Katie Brown, Director of Customized Training at SCC. “Many folks come in because they would like to consider a career in photography perhaps even working on their own to do weddings or other events. The truth is though, a lot of our students just love taking photos and want to enhance their skills just for fun or as a hobby. If you take these classes, you will definitely walk away with additional skills.”


These images were captured by a student during a recent Shutterbug 1 trip at White Lake.


For new students, Shutterbugs has three levels that help to improve photography skills by teaching methods and examples of how to take pictures.  Not only will the class provide you with tips to make the pictures more intriguing, but you will also show off these skills class during trips.

Students will edit their own photos using computer Paint software that comes on every computer. Upon completion, the students will be expected to present ten photographs taken throughout the course period to the class.  Shutterbug 1 class will begin on February 4th through April 15th from 6-8pm. For those who have already taken Shutterbug 1, Shutterbug 2 classes will begin on Feb 5 through April 16th and Shutterbug 3 will begin on Feb 6th through April 17th. For more information about Shutterbugs, contact Brown at or 910.900.4055.