BLET Program Offers Chance to Help Others

Sampson Community College is committed to teaching and sending out the best employees possible for this community. Nowhere is this more important to the livelihood of residents than its training for law enforcement officers who keep us safe. Therefore, Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is a very important program at SCC.

“For more than three decades we have made this commitment,” says Jennifer Wiley, Basic Law Enforcement Training Director. “We take pride in that at the end of the day, we send some of the best officers in this region out to protect the citizens of this area and other areas as well. I am also proud to say that recently we had the highest number of females enrolled in the program that we have ever had. This shows that the jobs are for everybody, regardless of gender.”


Clinton Police Department’s Assistant Police Chief, Anthony Davis, teaches many students who come through SCC’s BLET program.

The North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission mandates the Basic Law Enforcement Training curriculum. Successful completion of the BLET curriculum certificate program requires that the student satisfy the minimum requirements for certification by the Criminal Justice Commission. Students completing BLET will possess general attributes, knowledge, and skills to function as a law enforcement officer.

Wiley wants those interested in the program to know that job opportunities are available with state, county, and municipal governments in North Carolina. In addition, knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in BLET qualify one for job opportunities with private enterprises in such areas as industrial, retail, and private security. The BLET curriculum includes a total of 640 hours minimum of instruction.

Wiley says the program is a chance to get a look from the inside and learn from real professionals still in the industry. “Many of our instructors in our BLET program have been there and done that,” she says. “We have many police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers who come in and give firsthand accounts of what to expect once training is completed and students hit the streets.”

For those wishing to join those who serve our community or have an interest in law enforcement, the next session for SCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training will begin on January 22nd. This said, Wiley urges those wanting to sign up to do so soon so all necessary materials can be completed prior to registration day.

It is very important that interested students obtain a BLET entry packet to get started today. For more information about BLET, contact Sharon West at or 910.900.4106 or Jennifer Wiley at or at 910.900.4054