Viser Supports SCC From All Sides

A well-known face in the Sampson County community has expanded roles in his efforts to help students at Sampson Community College. For several years, Dr. Paul Viser served on the Sampson Community College Foundation Board before eventually accepting the role of President.

After a two-year term as President of the Foundation Board, Dr. Viser has been appointed to serve on the Sampson Community College Board of Trustees. Viser joins a group whose ultimate mission is the success and growth of the college as well as its students, faculty and staff.

“Soon after joining the SCC Foundation in 2012, I became absolutely convinced of the central role that the College plays in our county,” says Viser. “My involvement over the years has included knowing students one-on-one through scholarships and at social events such as our annual Scholar-Donor cookout.”


Dr. Viser is sworn in by Assistant Clerk of Court Tammy Cashwell, while Mrs. Diane Viser looks on.

“Paul’s leadership on the Foundation Board has been a catalyst for a growing enthusiasm for the college,” says Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the SCC Foundation. “When he buys in to a cause, he is all in, and we are lucky to have him as an advocate for Sampson Community College. As Foundation President, Paul asked hard questions and wanted to understand how gifts impacted students. The strength of a nonprofit builds on the depth of engagement of the board.”

During that time, Dr. Viser was known for his many local television appearances while hosting the SCC Foundation’s annual fundraising Phonathon. Viser would encourage residents to call in live and ask the community to contribute to the Foundation, proceeds of which go towards scholarships for students. Though he still plans to participate in the annual event, it will be from a slightly different role within the college.

Dr. Bill Starling, President at SCC, welcomed Viser to the Board. “Dr. Viser has provided countless hours in support of fundraising for student scholarships and further volunteered his own professional services for many of our prospective BLET students,” says Starling. “Paul and his wife, Diane, continue to work across our community with church and volunteer organizations to make Sampson County a better place. He inspires all of us to reach out to others.”

“The commitment I feel now is deeply personal,” he says. “I have seen up close the impact that the Foundation has upon students working to better themselves.  At this point, the shift to the Board of Trustees feels like a natural move, a move made possible by Governor Cooper’s appointment.  Many thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to serve in a different way.”

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