Students Break Bread with SCC Leaders

At Sampson Community College every voice counts. From the top leaders to new students walking through the door, the goal is to make SCC the most valuable, fun, safe and efficient learning environment possible for students.

“This event is called Lunch with the President,” says Amanda Raynor, Student Engagement Coordinator at SCC. “This is an event hosted each semester and really bridges any potential gap in communication between the student body and the college’s top leadership. To share ideas, listen to concerns and get a feel for how things are on campus from different perspectives.”


Dr. Starling asks students their opinions on topics involving the college.

The event affords SCC President, Dr. Bill Starling an opportunity to meet with students that are nominated by their department chairs, division chairs and teachers who they think represent their specific program and exemplify a great attitude at Sampson Community College.

Starling places extreme importance on the meetings and appreciates the enthusiasm during these conversations with the students and inquiring about their experiences on campus.  The information shared during these meetings about classes, campus concerns, programs and how SCC can improve the experience for students and future students is taken into consideration by its leaders and many times action is taken as a result.

For more information about the event or about the Student Government Association at SCC, contact Amanda Raynor, SGA Advisor at or at 910.900.4012.