SCC Fall Cleanup Represents Progress

There is no better symbolism of the continued growth and progress of Sampson Community College than that of the new slew of trees that were planted on its west campus this week.

“Every semester, faculty and staff volunteers come out to spruce up the campus,” says Wanda Capps, Vice President of Academic Affairs for SCC. “We are proud of our campus and we want student to have that pride as well. We want students to feel welcome when they come to SCC and for the faculty and staff here, it gives all of us a chance to work with folks that we might otherwise not be able to meet or see normally during work hours.”

The idea for a cleanup day began last fall and was such a success that administration decided to let it blossom into a twice a year event occurring in fall and spring semesters. The latest outing serves as a complement to the college’s Develop the East campaign planned for the opposite side of campus and will soon include recreational areas for the public.


Employees plant one of almost four dozen new trees across SCC’s west campus.

“After the trees go in, the Building and Construction Trades classes will connect our parking lots to our buildings with a new major sidewalk,” says SCC President, Dr. Bill Starling. “This will be a win-win all the way around. We can save labor on the project, make the campus look great and provide our trade students with real work environment experience on new equipment. We are excited about what the campus is becoming and what it will become.”

This comes during a time the college has seen an uptick in registration numbers, new facilities on campus, new programs and continued community support of the SCC Foundation. The Foundation awards scholarships to students as well as provides funding for activities and projects that indirectly benefit students as well. For more information about SCC, visit