SCC Students Learn from the Ground Up

[Clinton, N.C.] – With learning, it helps to have a good foundation and that is exactly what Sampson Community College provides for students in its Building and Construction courses, literally. A popular method of learning at SCC is based on hands-on experiences and even more than classroom learning, hands-on methods can immerse students into real-world scenarios so when they enter the workforce they have actually already done the work.

Students from the program continue to build on what they started a few weeks ago with regard to building a real foundation for a new home. Students are shown how to properly lay footings for a foundation to rest. The home was sold to the owners through a program created by SCC where students build real houses and pass real inspections before the house is sold.

“These students are digging footings as part of the process to prepare the foundation for the house to sit on,” says Barney Grady, Department Chair for Building and Construction. “Allowing them to get out here and get their hands dirty and work on a real project is always great.”

Grady says the more students can get involved with every aspect of building and construction, the better. “Our point of view is that we must make sure these students have all of the training they need to work for any employer once they leave here.” For more information about hands-on learning in construction trades at SCC, contact Barney Grady at


PHOTO: Students get the chance to ‘get their hands dirty’ by working in real-world scenarios at SCC.