BLET Training Drives Home Safety

[Clinton, N.C.] – Law enforcement officers face potential danger on a daily basis. From showing up to domestic situations without knowing what they will find to dealing with violent criminals to everyday misdemeanors, officers see it all. One area that is often overlooked when considering such dangers is simply driving while on the job.

Sampson Community College’s Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of its officers. This is why Basic Law Enforcement Driver Training is a part of the program. This portion of the program is given by Lt. Robbie King of the Clinton Police Department, who also serves as instructor at SCC.

BLET Training Drives Home SafetyPHOTO: King says officer safety behind the wheel is essential for law enforcement and other drivers.

From 1991 to 2011, more police officers died every year from vehicle-related causes than from gunfire. Additionally, car crashes result in more career-ending injuries in law enforcement than any other cause. This training helps the officers with maneuvers that can be applied in high speed or low speed that will help them in vehicle control.

A common theme throughout the course that officers should consider their driving skills just as important as their weapon. When driving, vehicles are a one-ton weapon that can be dangerous. “There are seven different courses that they go through,” says Lt. King. “Some of them are day and night and some are pass and fail. These courses teach them on how to control steering input, proper backing techniques and how to maintain control of their vehicle when avoiding objects in the roadway.”

Lt. King, who is known for his community work to include hosting a fishing day for kids just last week. He is in charge of the patrol division for the CPD, studied driving techniques at the North Carolina Justice Academy and has more than two decades of law enforcement experience including eight years as a driving instructor. For more information about SCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program, contact Jennifer Wiley at  910.900.4027 or at


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