SCC Students Set to Graduate

by Anna Blount, Student Contributor

On May 10, at 7:00pm, one-hundred and seventy-two students will walk across the stage at the Sampson County Exposition Center graduating with a college degree. Sampson Community College offers the hands on, close knit community that runs by the motto: “Begin Here, Go Anywhere.” That statement is very prevalent as college transfer degrees are the most popular degrees students at SCC obtain. Students that obtain a college transfer degree cut the cost down of college tuition while staying near their homes. SCC does not only have graduates this year graduating with a college transfer degree but with degrees in nursing, cosmetology, the arts and the sciences as well. These different degrees give students the opportunities to experience hands on learning.


Students can start taking CCP classes at the start of their junior year in high school. One student from Clinton High School took this opportunity and ran with the idea of graduating high school with a high school diploma and an associates degree. Anna Starling, A current senior at Clinton High and a rising freshman at Campbell University started taking community college classes in the classroom at SCC and online through SCC. When asked why she chose to take CCP classes in high school Anna said, “I chose to take CCP courses through Sampson to better prepare myself for college in the near future. I feel I will have an easier adjustment to college as a whole because I have learned to manage my time and course load more efficiently.” Starling looks forward to graduation and walking across the stage knowing that her hard work and dedication for the past two years has paid off. Starling will walk across the stage on May 10, obtaining an Associates of Arts, and a month later on June 9th, walk across the same stage obtaining a high school diploma.


Mrs. Betsy Lloyd and Ms. Amelia Jackson are two ladies that are very familiar with the concept of students. They both work in Student Services and work with students daily. When asked what they were looking forward to most about graduation they both answered by saying they looked forward to seeing the graduates and the excitement that comes from graduating. Lloyd expressed the feeling of connection. She explained that at Sampson teachers, administration, counselors, etc. connect with the students and they get to know them. She states that she has gotten to know many students, their backgrounds, their dreams and aspirations and it is very rewarding to her to see them accomplish a goal such as graduating. When asked why Sampson is a good place for students Jackson answered by saying “You are not a number here, the opportunities are endless, there is a personal touch here” Lloyd answered by saying “It is like a family here, you get to know each other and their families. It feels very homie at Sampson.”


As you can tell, Sampson Community College is loved by many. Sampson offers so many opportunities for students to “Begin Here, Go Anywhere.” Three hundred and eighty-five students will be graduating on May 10 and one-hundred and seventy-two will be walking. The twenty-four different programs Sampson offers allows the number of graduates to soar. Dr. Ted Thomas, a trustee for Sampson Community College will be speaking wise words to the graduates and families on May 10.

Students, do not forgot,

“Begin Here, Go Anywhere” and Go Vikings!