SCC Cosmetology Student Blazing a Trail

[Clinton, N.C.] – Jon Daugtry is not your traditional student. Literally. He is considered to be what is referred to as a “non-traditional” student at Sampson Community College.

The term “non-traditional” usually refers to programs or jobs that have been traditionally filled by one gender. The US Department of Labor defines non-traditional occupations as occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed in each such occupation. He is currently one of the few male students in his program of choice.

He is enrolled in the college’s Cosmetology program, one he found to be an excellent choice after speaking with former students who graduated from the program. He had searched Cosmetology and Barber schools across the state to find the best fit for him before enrolling at SCC. Living in the area, he found it not only geographically convenient but he says the savings made it cost efficient as well.

“Many people aren’t used to seeing or expecting to see male students or workers in this profession,” Daugtry says. “I was a cook but I figured I could not do that when I got older but working in cosmetology is something I like and something I could do well into my later years. It made complete sense to come here and take this route for a career path.”

He points out that sometimes it is intimidating being the only guy but once that initial anxiety is over, it’s really no big deal. He has advice for other men seeking a similar career path. “I would say go for it!” he says emphatically. “No one ever blazes a trail not going against the grain sometimes.” He points out that if you look in most malls, shopping centers, street corners in any town in America, you can see evidence of the number of jobs available in the profession. This is why he cares less about being the only man in class and more about his opportunities after.

Daugtry serves client

SCC’s program instruction in all phases of professional imaging, hair design, chemical processes, skin care, nail care, multi-cultural practices, business/computer principles, product knowledge and other selected topics. For more information about the program, contact Loreta Jones at or 910.900.4069.

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