Pell to Open Doors for More SCC Students

[Clinton, N.C.] –Sampson Community College will now be able to issue Federal Pell Grants to qualifying students for the summer semester due to the Department of Education implementation of Year-Round Pell (YRP).  Students in prior years were unable to use Pell Grant funding to cover costs and expenses incurred during the summer session if they had attended both the fall and spring semesters as a full- time student.

Year-Round Pell (YRP) allows students to receive up to 150% of a regular grant award over the course of the academic year so students may continue taking classes in the summer and finish a degree faster. Therefore, even if students attended college full-time during the Fall and Spring semesters, they may still be eligible to receive awards during the summer term.

Fin-Aid-Summer-ChangesPHOTO: Marleen Powell, SCC Director of Financial Aid, helps students with Pell Grants in her office.

There are two ways that students will be eligible to receive Federal Pell Grants for the summer semester at Sampson Community College:

  1. If the Federal Pell grant student has not used their original full year award by attending full-time both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Semesters, any remaining funds can be used in the summer session. A student can possibly register for as little as one credit hour depending on prior Department of Education approval of entitlement.
  2. Starting summer 2018, Federal Pell grant rules allow students who have already received 100% of their initial Pell Grant award by going full-time in the fall and spring terms to receive additional Pell Grant funds if the following criteria are met:
    • A current 2017-18 FAFSA must be on file and complete.
    • Enroll in Summer 2018 courses applicable to your degree program.
    • Must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits hours to use YRP.

For more information, students are asked to please contact the SCC Financial Aid Office at via email at or meet with our staff in-person. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

About Sampson Community College:  Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options and early college education.