SCC Provides Great Foundation for Training

[Clinton, N.C.] – Sampson Community College’s Building Construction Technology department has received publicity for making real houses that are actually sold to real customers. From flooring, to windows and doors, to electrical wiring, SCC students get to do the work firsthand. Not to be overlooked, the groundwork on which homes are placed is perhaps the most important step in the process.

Carpentry students recently jumped into the driver’s seat of a backhoe as part of the foundation and site preparation portion of the course.  Barney Grady, Department Chair of Building Construction Technology at SCC says it’s important. “Equipment operation is such a vital part of the construction process and the college is allowing us the opportunity to provide this training,” he says. “We want our students to be as prepared as possible for the workplace and this is just another area to strengthen our construction program.”


PHOTO: SCC Student Alexander Peterson lays the groundwork for construction during training..

Students, led by adjunct instructors Dustin Hatcher and Carla Garcia, dig simulated house foundations into the earth. Beginning with strip footing, which is located along the perimeter of a home, students were required to dig specified widths and depths. The ultimate goal is for students is to receive training from the ground up.

“We want to train in all areas of construction,” said Grady. “Equipment operation is an area where we have not done much training in the past but are working diligently to change. In the future, we may add an equipment operation elective to the program.”

SCC currently rents most of the equipment but as it continues to incorporate this level of training, the college would like to begin purchasing equipment, to include mini excavators and skid steers. For more information about building and construction training at SCC, contact Grady at 910-900-4118.