SCC Aides Agri-business Industries

[Clinton, N.C.] – Hog farming, an important part of North Carolina agriculture, is a catalyst to building a stronger economy and building partnerships throughout communities to improve the quality of life.  Sampson Community College supports the industry to enrich student knowledge and skills that provide maintenance support to sustain growth, maximize resources, and remain good stewards of the industry.

Sampson Community College developed a partnership with Murphy Family Ventures and Smithfield Hog Production to create and administer general farm maintenance for employees that manage and/or work on the hog farms.  The course focuses on the study of equipment within a livestock production farm with a strong emphasis on “workplace safety”.

The course work is designed to apply practical applications, troubleshoot and problem solve on equipment malfunctions, programmable logic controls, and basic electricity as it applies to workers in the livestock and production facilities.  In addition, there are various pieces of equipment used within the farm and students learn how the equipment works and understand the different components that operate a specific piece of equipment.  Upon completion of the 36 hours of training, students will be able to understand the basics of electricity, troubleshoot, make minor repairs and have an overall knowledge of everything they have on the farm, and maintain “workplace safety”.


PHOTO: Michael Smith (L) and George Bradshaw work together on equipment.

Gary Bell, the class instructor from Smithfield says the class is priceless. “We have a lot of people on farms not familiar with the equipment they use on a daily basis,” he says. “We are trying to familiarize our employees with the equipment they use so they can make repairs that keeps them up and running.  As always, hands on training is invaluable in such a class and that’s why students are placed in a in a real-world scenario.”

“We are excited about the training partnership with Murphy Family Ventures & Smithfield Hog Production” says Katie Brown, Director of Customized Training & Occupational Extension at SCC. “This gives us, as an educational institution, the chance to have a real impact to make a positive   difference in preparing students to understand the work processes who are working in the agribusiness environment on a daily basis.  It is also an added value to the industries to improve efficiencies and reduce maintenance cost to repair and maintain the barns and its equipment. Historical data has proven once the student(s) complete the training course, production & efficiencies improve performances.”

If you have questions and are interested in General Farm Maintenance, please contact Katie Brown  at 910.900.4055 or